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c4/c5 Transmission swap questions

Years ago when I bought my 66 mustang it had a 3 speed top loader. I bought what i thought was a c4 transmission to put in it. It turns out after actually starting to reassemble my mustang that the transmission is actually a c5.
I appears to be in good condition internally so I'd like to keep and use it.

I know I need the swap the bell housing and torque converter. I also need the input shaft since this c5 is missing it. What else do I need to swap out on the c5 to make it work in my 66?

Also, I know I'll need a 157-tooth flex-plate but do not know if i need a 0 oz or 28 oz. Is there any way I can tell? I still have the old flywheel for the manual transmission mounted to the motor if it'll help.

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