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Originally Posted by 66 Fastcoupe View Post
Nice. We have Granada front and Explorer rear.

Originally Posted by mustang6tee8 View Post
Very cool. '13 GT brakes and adapter brackets are waiting to get installed on the Fastback.
If you ever want to upgrade from the GT brakes it will be a bolt in affair.

Originally Posted by Lakeside'66 View Post
I had a bro in law with one years ago. He called it a mustang for grown ups

Tats a scary driveway incline and big street you live on for a project.
My brother (twin at that) has the red 66 mustang I showed in another post. Figured I should be different since we have too many things alike. Lol.

The car will actually be going into the garage to be worked on, but I need to get my brother's other 66 mustang out of the garage first.
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