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this for that

Originally Posted by greenguy View Post
Are you looking at it from an investment side or big boy toy side?
Do you drive them or sit and look at them?
Which is more fun to drive?
Which has more tech support?

Sounds cheezy but I'd make a list and look at the + & -

I drive them and show them. Both have tech support. I think investment. After 138 mustangs and 1 Shelby I have been playing with big boy toys for some time.

Will continue to beat myself up over this till Sunday when I go see it. I like the idea of having a 1 in 20 in the world for 1981.

The auction trend right now is Pantera going up. Shelby going down still. Unless you have a rotisserie nut and bolt resto done. This is a number 2 driver.
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