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When you say "Silver Jade", think "Jade". A VERY popular color for the 69 mach1. A 428 R code C6 car is pretty rare. I usually figure "wrong color" to be a 10-20% hit in sale value, because original color is so easy to verify on these cars. There were no engine electronics, other than the Rev Limiter, and missing Thermactor system will not be a problem unless you or the buyer want to go concours.

If you are selling the car, and the black paint is not trashed, just eat the difference. Changing it back will not be economically sensible, unless, as I said, the black cannot be buffed out. I'd be tempted to swap back in the original drive train and exhaust, and sell the 4-speed stuff separately. Having the OE drivetrain will enhance the value of the car, and the 4-speed stuff would be a pricey sell separately.

The main danger I see is if you put back the original drive train and paint it Silver Jade, you'll want to keep it.

Amateur restorer. Well, sometimes I have been paid for it. But not right now.

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