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Originally Posted by Demon340 View Post
That would be cool!! They only made about 6k GT's correct? I'll probably bug him in a few months, I'll look at it and have the money in hand to make a offer on the spot if I like it otherwise we'll go round and round forever!
Somewhere around there, I think this is correct breakdown I found on net: 1,483 coupes, 4,084 Sportsroofs, and 1,127 converts for total of 6,694. Only reason I think may be a gt is deluxe interior and big engine. I think that with this combo buying the GT or Mach was best deal for not much more and person wanted a nicer car. I cannot see if it has dual exhaust which would confirm a GT with H code car (only a single exhaust in mach1). Another giveaway would be a GT gas cap but this can be "faked" because this is removable. If he can get you the Vin you can get a marti for 20 ($30rush you will get it that day or next at latest). One note is that the GT is one case where rare does not mean it is worth more. A comparable mach1 would be worth more right now. Who knows what will be the case later on. If you interested the car, you need to pursue it, it may not be there later on. In your case, I would tell the owner you are interested in the car and need more info.

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