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Posts: 25 you stated..."our collective assumption that you want it in "nice" (whatever that means) condition." and "depending on the condition of the car, you can find more room in your budget."

I think that's where I'm heading... At first, I really just wanted to buy a car I could get in and drive without getting into add-ons, paint, repairs, etc. but I think, realistically, that find will be a needle in the haystack (as you stated) for the price I'm wanting to stay at...I'm not a professional mechanic or body man. I can take care of small things but the larger things would have to go to someone else to do. So, if I see a car I really like and it's a manual and I want an auto and it doesn't have a/c and I want it, I could always add those later but I'm not sure what kind of time and expense it is to do those things since I've never owned a classic.
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