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65 Mustang Holley Terminator Install

When I last left off I had routed my fuel lines up to the transmission cross member, then life kicked in and I did not have time to work on it for awhile. Finally finished it last week, here's how it went. Here's the old thread if you want to see the initial routing.

Ran the lines up the foot well by the drivers side and curved them over. Wrapped them in heat shield as well as my headers being coated and the temperature doesn't get too high as tested with a heat gun, I live in Central Valley California so the summer will tell if this worked or not for sure but I'm fairly confident it will be alright. The fuel lines used were Earl's Vapor Guard as well as Earl's Vapor Guard fittings all around. I used adel clamps under the car and Vibrant hose separators everywhere visible.

The wiring of course is fairly extensive in this system. As I didn't want the wiring to be seen I started by modifying the harness extensively so that the bulk of it would be under the dash. The main power and ground were ran directly from the battery to the ECU but I used the existing route that my wires take in the fender wells so you cannot see them at all.

The rest of the power for the system as well as the 6A come from my distribution block.

Here's where the bulk of the relays and wiring ended up, nothing was terminated or wrapped just yet, I didn't take an after picture but it looks a lot cleaner.

Here's the Terminator harness itself.

The 6A is in the glove box with the ECU mounted directly behind it, I also vented a little AC into the glove box to ensure it doesn't get overheated.


Here's where the wiring harness exits the car, all my wiring is hidden in the fender wells so I was very careful to keep it hidden. For the trigger wires on the coil I used shielded wire so it would not interfere with the ECU.

The coil threw me some issues, my old canister coil was mounted to the back of the air cleaner, which would no longer work with all the EFI connectors and fuel lines there. I did not want to add any additional holes to the firewall (I was already upset about the FPR and the hyd clutch ) so I fabbed up a bracket to install it under my AC compressor. This turned out perfect and allowed me to have the wires run along the rest and then split off at the back of the intake to feed the coil, very happy with this spot.

End result of the entire setup as well and the new coil location.

Final thoughts...There are systems that are much easier to install (Sniper/FiTech) and that was my original intention. I just happened to stumble on a deal for a brand new Terminator setup with a used TB for a deal that could not be passed. The ability to tune at a moments notice for anything you want via a laptop or the handheld is a great feature as well as allowing the system to control your timing. I installed a Holley Dual Sync Distributor as well and let it control the timing. With a push of a button I can idle at 825 or if I feel like it hit 500 The throttle response is incredible and it cruises very nicely, adapts to conditions very well and starts up just like a new car with the turn of a key. I'm sure there will be stumbling blocks (for example my fuel pump cavitated, another thread later) but so far I am very happy with the system and open to any questions y'all may have.

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