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Originally Posted by gt350sr View Post
Fast forward- 5 years from now where do you see the value of your Mustang vs the value of the Viper? Historically speaking, I'll venture a guess that your Ford will appreciate while the Viper may or may not. As long as you see yourself still ahead of the game at some point down the road when the Viper is on the block, I'd say it's definitely worth considering. If not, it's like trading coins for magic beans, right? Don't forget about insurance rates and reg fees- I'm guessing they'll be considerably higher ( at least they would be here). Just my opinion, but I'll pass every Viper/Vette/VW at a show to get to the older Ford stuff.... of course I haven't driven one either... Damn- good luck with that brother!
That's where I'm ultimately stuck! On the one hand the "value" of my Mustang is somewhat up in the air from open a KBB book and turn to a page, where the Viper has an exact number for any bank or dealership to look at. That's really the least of my value...collectors know what they're looking at and I'm not looking to sell anyways.

It is magic beans though, you're right about that. Ultimately my biggest concern is where are things going to be in 5 years...nobody knows that answer, least of all me. I read an article that the Gen 3 Viper was projected to have quite an increase in value. Is that true, who knows?

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