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I had a friend of a friend who loved Vipers, he had 4 of them. The reason he had four of them was because at least 2 of them were always in the shop for one reason or another, sometimes 3 and he wanted one to be available to drive at all times. This is not a knock, and it also is not a joke, absolutely true and is a quote from the owner on why he owned four of them.

Really cool car from a design and performance standpoint, and the early ones are scary fast with limited nannies to keep the car heading in the right direction, which is making them more and more rare as people run out of talent while stomping on the rectangular pedal on the right.

Based on your car vs the Viper, unless it is a car you have always wanted to own, I wouldn't do it. 12 year old Viper well outside of warranty that was only driven 1k miles per year. Could be a giant can of worms you are walking in to, do lots of forum research before you pull the trigger IMO. There are certainly particular things to watch for on a 2005, the forum gurus will tell you about them.

Great FB btw, well done.


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