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Trusty mechanic - Gresham area?

Can anyone suggest a good mechanic or shop in the Gresham, Sandy, Damascus area that is good and knowledgable on the ford engines? I know there is Rose City Mustang close - but I'm hoping there is an old school mechanic I can find who is more affordable and someone I can get to know locally.

I screwed up and left the car idling in the driveway, and it puked coolant. I need to have my engine checked out and likely worked on before I freak out. Its a 347 stroker, relatively new engine in a 65. I fear there may be a knock! I'd like to take it somewhere close to me and have them check it out before I do any more damage to it - and give me peace of mind if I got lucky. I don't have time to pull an engine - and I don't want it sitting in the garage all through this summer because I'm afraid to drive it.

Please let me know. It started after and will drive, but last thing I want to do is drive it too far and cause more damage. Again, I think I can hear a slight tap coming from the valve cover..... Have not driven it far enough to know if the coolant is milky. Thinking of draining the oil and checking it - but again I should just take it in and be at ease.
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