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65 coupe ex 6 cyl all new v8 302 front to rear

1965 ford mustang coupe original 6 cyl car changed to V8 302 auto that i have owned for atleast 8 years.....the following is etheir new or rebuilt! complete rebuilt 302 4bbl motor with all the plug wires/plugs/dist/etc done with a little rv cam and less than 200 miles, complete rebuilt c-4 auto trans, sterring inner and outters,upper and lower control arms,idler arm,sway bar bushings,struts bushings,shocks front/rear,granada disc brake change over with brake hose's,front disc pads,rear end axle bearings,rear end third member ? dont remember but most likely,rear drums,rear brake shoes,rear brake wheel cylinders,U-joints,fuel tank,fuel tank sender,alt,feul pump,water pump,radiator,all hoses,belt,complete dual exhaust system,trans mount,both motor mounts,carpet,custom front seats,custom auto shifter,h-liner. the engain bay and undercarrage was completely cleaned and painted, i'm sure other stuff was done that i am probably forgetting.....dont remember if i have the title or not but i will get it if i can't find it, i drove this car home from 15 miles away and it was tight,beefy sounding and ran very strong!! that was a few years ago and its been sitting in storage ever since with a few start ups and that is it, i was going to finish the minor body work and paint it but that never happend! the older gentelmen i got it from worked at a big tire company/ front end shop in grassvalley ca and they did all the has differant wheels/tires now that will need replaced. its not real pretty but its pretty darn straight with no rust... asking 7500. i'm working on the pictures and will post soon. [email protected]

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