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Originally Posted by cj428mach View Post
How is tuning handled with that setup? it looks to be a standard narrowband O2 sensor so it really should only be able to see and adjust for stoich. Thats something I'd want to really find out about before purchase. It looks as though its just a recycled GM EFI system so making sure it's tuned correctly to run OP's small block would be a concern.
It's a pre set tune, it's not a full learning unit. You can calibrate the PROM chip, it will come calibrated from Howell for the engine you tell them. It is not a unit for a modified engine. It's for stock. They can be calibrated for a small cam but the TBI computer requires a good vacuum signal to the MAP sensor. They are good units, GM put millions of them out there and they were pretty much trouble free. Very simple EFI system compared to the full MPI stuff. I used one on a Jeep 6 and it was miles ahead of the crap carb that Jeep used in the 80's. Another friend did an IHC 345 conversion and liked it, later went to a wide band Edelbrock unit and doesn't like it. To me it's like the Autolite 2bbl of EFI units.

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