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1967 Mustang Coupe to Fastback Conversion

Hey all,

Some of you have been waiting for me to start this thread and I apologize for the wait. I have been ironing out some issues with the base car for a bit and have finally figured how to proceed. Essentially some previous metal work left the front frame rails low causing a fender to door gap issue as well as fender to cowl gap issues. So, with the help of some others on this forum and the Ford Service Manual (FSM), I have figured out what is wrong and what to do.

First, I know this is a sensitive topic for some (converting a Coupe to a Fastback). In no way do I mean to offend anyone. My car is a good candidate for the conversion as it is severely rusted and weak from years of neglect. This is going to by my ride and stay in my family with a Coupe VIN. It is going to be built to my standards (obsessively high) and is meant to be a street car as well as being fun from the first weld to a drive in the mountains. So, if you're not a fan, please visit another build!

Secondly, I am not a body guy. I was a mechanic for a number of years and even have a degree in mechanics. I am learning as I go for this build but know that I have spent the better part of 2 years preparing for this with a ton of research and acquiring the tools needed to do the job. Personally, I have never been afraid to try something others wouldn't dream of doing even with the lack of experience. Point is: I am not afraid to do this and won't stop until I am successful with an accurate, functioning, and eye pleasing build as well as learning a new skill set.

Third, I hope you all enjoy this adventure with me. Please feel free to give advice, beg for more photos, and help with the success!

To start off, I have created a youtube channel to aid in the longer bits of the build so I don't have to wear out my keyboard. Please Subscribe!!

My original problem that has lead me to this point can be seen on this thread:

There is some great information and some images that I put together with the FSM on that thread.

The car: The Coupe came complete out of a junkyard in Baltimore and was missing only some minor things (handles, engine brackets, etc..). The entire frame is rusted terribly and benefits from all new metal which dictated my route for the conversion. The only "good" metal was the transition pan, the rear shock crossmember, the shock towers, inner section of the doors, and the dash. Attached is the good side of the car when I picked her up. All 4 wheels were locked in place (drums) so we took a hammer to them and broke the metal off the drum portion of the brakes to get all of them to actually spin. The rear end was somewhat locked up and barely turned. Thank god for come-a-longs.

I don't get to work often on the car but when I do I will try and update as I go along with a video to follow! For the time being please enjoy the youtube channel until I can post some pics of the work I am about to do this week.

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1967 Mustang Coupe to Fastback - In progress
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