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Look Out--Grandpa Just Got Ripped Off Again

My 96 yr. old father-in-law was hours late in coming back from getting his oil changed and attention to a front end noise on his '07 Buick with 77,000 miles that he purchased new and kept in a climate controlled garage. As a retired school superintendent and WWII veteran, he likes to still be in command of his daily life. I drove to the dealership to find out what was taking so long and met him at the service writer's desk. The $40 oil change and $450 wheel bearing and hub replacement was part of the $1,157 total bill. The balance was "Customer Requests": ATF Service--Flush transmission, cooler lines and converter $199, Radiator Service--complete replacement plus additives to extend coolant life $160, Power Steering Service--Remove old depleted fluid and replace with new plus additives to extend life of system $160. They reluctantly gave me the following: 3 Fuel Services, 3 transmission flushes, 2 radiator flushes, 1 brake fluid flush, 1 power steering flush, 4 front end alignments, 2 RF wheel bearings replaced all in the last 47,000 miles. No records prior to Aug. 2010. This was with a GM dealer. Don't trust any dealer to be honest with any "Non-Gearhead Customer". Our County District Attorney has just been sent all records. Is Elder Abuse a familiar term?
I wouldn't trust the service dept. where I bought my 2015 F150 but a closer dealer thus far gives me much more confidence. My Mustangs will never see the inside of a dealership service bay.
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