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Every once in a while, I actually let a dealership/auto service place perform certain work on one of my vehicles (usually just oil changes or some special-priced service). They ALWAYS tell me about other work that my vehicles need. I say, "Fine, put it up on the lift and show me." Sometimes, they will try to actually BS me with the vehicle up on the lift and "show me" the required repair. That's when I'll make them explain why it needs said repair. After they attempt to explain it, I'll ask them if they are ASE Master Technician certified. When they say, "No", I show them my ASE Master technician certification card, tell them to get my car off the lift, tell them they'll never see me again, and then go in to pay for only the repairs they performed while I loudly talk about how I can't believe how they were going to rip me off (within earshot of other customers). Works like a charm and I feel better every time!
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