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Hey all,

So I finally got to work on the Mustang a bit this weekend. As you know I am starting with the floor supports. I uploaded a video to my youtube channel.

I was able to remove the driver side floor support in a little over an hour and did some checking and cleanup. I ground down all the slag from gouging with my plasma cutter fit the new floor support. All in all, I like the new metal and I didn't end up needing to trim any of it to get it in place. I also plan to weld in some 2" square tubing inside the frame rail through the floor support and into the subframe connector to tie the front of the car to the back of the car. This should help strengthen the car up along with the convertible inner rockers which is a highly suggested mod with the power I plan to have.

After doing some measuring I noted that the distance between the floor supports at the locating holes is greater than what is suggested in the FSM (29.88 or 29 7/8). Because of how the crossmember attaches to the floor supports I don't think I will be able to adjust this measurement. This is not a big deal because the front frame rails inside distance between each other is 27 1/2" which is dictated by the distance from the trans tunnel crossmember. To confirm, I am going to measure my buddies 1968 Fastback to see where his floor supports sit.

One other thing, I put a digital level on the transmission mount crossmember and noted that the driver side is low by .7 degrees. Not a big deal and I will play around with it to get it a bit more level.

I am waiting on some weld through primer to prep the metal on the car and the floor supports. Should be here tomorrow.

Please check out my channel for a bit more detail! More to come. I need to figure out how to get my photos reduced down so I can upload them. File size is too big to upload..


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