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Originally Posted by NEFaurora View Post
Yes, It will fit, but the 351W sits 1 1/2" inches higher than a 289/302 engine. It has a taller deck. You need to use a '65-'66 Shelby Hood Scoop with a hole cut in the hood to clear the engine, aircleaner, etc.,or other to make it work, though there are a few out there that say it will work with a stock hood, but I have yet to see that done, or I should say that I would like to see a pic of someone that has done it.


Tony K.
I've heard of people having success using a lower profile intake manifold as well as using a low profile air cleaner and not needing to use a hood scoop. Some will even use the Ron Morris style adjustable motor mounts to get the engine to sit exactly where they want it. Intakes have different heights on them and can have a 1 3/4" difference in height or more from say an Edelbrock performer compared to an Edelbrock air gap intake. But yes, if you're looking for the most performance you probably don't want the things I mentioned previously and kind of defeats the whole point to going with a 351w.

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