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Let me tell you a story. Others can share there's here.

In high school many moons ago. There was a person that lets say was doing bad things. One knight the cops found him 30 miles from town stripped naked and was beaten with rubber hoses. Duct tape everywhere and yes there also. Think how fun it was for someone to have to tear off that tape from locations on the body.

He never knew who did it. But I bet he learned a valuable lessen.

Anther time 5 of us were across from 7/11 mini mart and I saw a lets say non Spanish person coming out with his hands full with two large drinks and 2 Spanish fellows coming in and one punched him for no reason in the face. Being a law abiding citizen me and my fellow friends took it upon are selves to level the field. Funny though what started as 2 on 1 ended up with 20 of them and 30 of all sorts of others. 10 of them went to the hospital with various broken bones, 1 stabbed. Amazing how many people carry baseball bats in there vehicles and no gloves to play with.

Redneck side of the Oregon state. LOL come visit some time.
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