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Originally Posted by JonnybravoM3 View Post
So you did not convert to EFI?

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Says he ended up with Fitech which is a TBI EFI system.

I have a Fitech set-up on the coupe and a Holley HP MPFI on the fastback. Fitech is used daily, no issues, quickly adjusts tot he crazy temperature swings we've been having lately. Wasn't even a thought to use a carb on the fastback build.

In my opinion carbs are like front drum brakes, sure you can drive the car with them, but why would you want to. If you plan to actually drive the car, why not make it more enjoyable/easier/reliable.

I'm sure somebody is going to comment that carbs are awesome and front drum brakes were used on the Saturn V rocket to go to the moon...these are just my opinions.

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