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I went FI on the '68 back in 2003 before all the really easy systems
available today were on the market. It's the original Edelbrock Pro-
Flo. I got it not long after its appearance at the SEMA show.
Resonant chord regarding the additional money Kelly mentioned
to get the system installed exactly like it needed to be. Out of the
box, the plumbing for the return was a joke. (like rubber hose the
entire length of the car, etc) Didn't like the braided hose under the
hood...... stuff like that.
I was happy once my FI install looked like something that could have
come OE from Ford. That took some doing though.
The wife drives this car and doesn't like setting chokes, etc. FI fixed
that issue. I wanted "set it and forget" and the FI does well here too.
The FI squeezed it the last little bit to 20 mpg highway, so it equals
the best the car got when my folks picked it up in 1968, no mean feat
since the rear tire hp is considerably more than the original flywheel hp.
(now through a small block C6 and 9" no less)

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