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I can't tune anything but a Holley 1850 and they leach gas. I live in one of the 2 counties in my state, by less than 2 miles, that are "non attainment areas", so we have emissions gas during the summer and it boils out of the carb and vapor locks every time you turn the car off even with the fancy spacer.

I bought the FiTech and Spectra EFI tank. The pump in the Spectra tank fried immediately due to the, apparently still present to this day with the currently produced tanks, "black gunk". The FiTech failed soon after that was fixed with a no tach signal situation. The Spectra people are vermin offering no help and speaking in French. I took French and they were messing with me with jive French at best. Cory at FiTech was able to eventually help me get a new TBI with an updated wiring harness just before the warranty expired.

I would go with the Holley over the FiTech because they are well established company with a larger tech support base. I applaud FiTech for breaking the $1000 FI barrier, although they went to China to do it.
Once sorted out, it runs well and doesn't percolate fuel.

I would do it again with a Holley Sniper and my own in tank pump setup. Purchase a solid pre-bent 3/8 fuel line from NPD and run it alongside the original 5/16 fuel line. Use the new 3/8 line as the supply and the original 5/16 as the return. It is the cheapest and safest way to go.

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