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I went with Ford fuel injection using an A9L out of a 1989 mustang, a cobra EFI intake (which will just BARELY clear a '65 hood) 30# injectors and an intank fuel injection pump with return line. This is on a 347.

At the time I did it, the TBI systems were not I had less choices.

The car gets 25 MPG all day long, starts on the first crank, never has heat soak or vapor lock problems. It's just a lot better car to drive.

My carb left me beside the road at least 3 times. Once on a blown power valve and twice on vapor lock situations.

The EFI has left me beside the road ONCE. If you go Ford EFI, keep a spare TFI module in your trunk along with the tools to change when they go out...they go our with no warning.


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