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One of my daily driver's has the fan control temperature sensor IN the radiator tank. From the factory. So do many others.

You guys dogging out speed density/MAP fuel systems need to read up some more. Some guys doing hi-po turbo retrofits are finding that speed density actually works better for them on the track. Honda managed to get along with MAP instead of MAF on their cars into the 2000's. I wouldn't care to be the one to tell them they didn't know what they are doing. They only really went to MAF because of the ever more stringent pollution, noise, and mileage requirements (like everybody else). Stuff that doesn't apply to us. So MAF doesn't quite rule all and speed density systems are very much worth looking at. I mention Honda because they notably managed to meet all their engine performance requirements with speed density rather longer than most other manufacturers. I don't actually LIKE Hondas, but engineering credit where credit is due.
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