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Originally Posted by blkfrd View Post
I plan to do the 12.19" rotor 6 piston Wilwood kit on the front of my 65 FB sometime. How is the pedal travel with the 15/16 MC? Which pads did you get? Mike Maier suggested the 1" bore MC and the BP-20 pads when I spoke to him a while back.
The pedal travel seems spot on, the 15/16th MC seems better suited for the larger displacement of the 6 piston kit than the 4 piston. I had a little more pedal travel than I wanted before.

I'm using the stock BP-10 pads that came with the kit, so far so good. I've used Wilwood's Polymatrix E compound on another kit. They work great, but are noisy.

I'll more than likely try the BP-20 pads next time around, the EBC Yellowstuff pads made a lot of dust and were VERY harsh on the rotors. (But it stopped the car in a hurry)

Originally Posted by image98 View Post
Thanks for the info. I have two builds in progress running the same size kit up front. Do you have a power or a manual brake master cylinder?

Manual 4 wheel discs.

Originally Posted by Target View Post
You just have small hands, Armon.

Originally Posted by nba1341 View Post
Looks nice do you have a pic with the wheel on the car?
I'll take some today

Originally Posted by Israel View Post
You must have 17Ē wheels?
How did you wind up picking Wilwood vs any of the others? Iíd be asking regardless of who you picked.
Yes, 17x8" wheels. I've used Wilwood kits in the past and I was always very impressed with their quality, so I was naturally leaning towards them. Brembo doesn't make a kit for a '69 (at least not that I could find) and Baer brakes were ridiculously expensive. I also wanted a kit with slotted rotors, NOT drilled as I've heard too many horror stories of them cracking. That criteria alone eliminated some of Wilwood's other kits because they only offer solid faced or drilled/slotted rotors.

It was down between the Wilwood brakes and the Street or Track 4 piston brakes. I ultimately went with the Wilwood because I was able to get them at a lower price and I've used their kits on other builds.

However, I have driven a '69 mustang with Shaun's SoT brakes and I can confidently say that they're VERY nice pieces. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them if anyone was deciding between the two.

Originally Posted by j persons View Post
I used the 6 piston Wilwoods on my Cobra. The Wilwoods are usually cheaper than Baer or Brembo.
The equivalant Baer kit is not cheap, lol.

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