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Originally Posted by --barker View Post
Well, lucky me, it looks like it's the windshield gasket (tiny drop) and ALSO the cowl (big time). I had the car outside in the ran for a couple of days and there's water under the dash both on the driver's and passenger's sides. I have an original A/C unit in there, so it's a little hard to easily look under the dash, but all signs point to a rusted cowl.
What's everyone's opinions on this? If I garage the thing and take it out only in dry weather, do I care about a rusted cowl. (I think I do.) Anyone have a walk-through of replacing it? Or a good shop that can do it for not a crazy amount of money?
Thanks @2nd 66 for the tip.
My opinion.......... while it is true you can keep it dry as much as possible, cover the cowl as often as possible, it is still a fact that as unpleasant as it is, rust really doesn't ever sleep. Humidity and moisture and condensation in the air settles to the rust and continues albeit a lot more slowly. It is also getting your carpet wet that will eventually rust your floor pans as carpet dries much too slowly on it's own. I have a lower front fender that will need attention when I can find a good guy to do it as most body guys I ever talk to don't want to fool with it as they would rather turn out volumes of insurance repair work.

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