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Comp XE262H cam, lifters, springs, pushrods

I had this cam setup in my 289 for exactly 393 miles before I spun a rod bearing. Didn't need it for the new motor, so time to sell it. It was properly broken in, sounded great and had great response. $250 for everything.

Camshaft: Comp Cams Xtreme Energy XE262H
- RPM Range: 1300 to 5600
- Valve Timing: 0.006
- Lobe separation (degrees): 110
- Intake Centerline (degrees): 106
- Valve Lash: Hydraulic
- Duration: Intake 262/Exhaust 270
- Duration @ .050" Lift: Intake 218/Exhaust 224
- Valve Lift: Intake 0.493/Exhaust 0.5
- Lobe Lift: Intake 0.309/Exhaust 0.313

Springs: Comp 942-16. Properly paired for the cam. Single spring with inner damper spring.

Lifters: Comp 832-16. Properly labeled when removed to be reused with the cam.

Pushrods: High Energy Pushrods: 5/16" Diameter, 6.881" Length

Valve stem seals are also included.

I'm asking $250 for everything but I'll entertain reasonable offers to part the kit out.

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