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Originally Posted by rbohm View Post
interesting analogy Z, and probably pretty close to accurate.

OP i have two classics that i am working on, a 64 falcon with the inline six, and a 66 mustang with the 289. both are keeping their respective engines, the six will definitely get EFI of some sort though, but it will be far more challenging than the 289 to put EFI on since there is no bolt on kit for that engine.(perhaps there is a market there...........)

unlike Z however, i dont think adding EFI to a classic is diluting the classic car experience, if that is all you do. but after adding four wheel disc brakes, modern 17" wheels, tubular suspension components, aluminum radiators, modern sound deadening, and many other modern upgrades that we all like in our modern daily drivers, THAT is diluting the classic car experience.

that said, you still get that experience, you just have to remember that you added orange juice and grenadine to your tequila. you still get that hit of the tequila, you just take a bit of the edge off the unmodified hit.

the choice is yours, carbs are just fine for the most part, though they tend to be less flexible than EFI is, but EFI does have its share of issues as well. mostly the tuning of the system for your vehicle, and modern ones are self learning. carbs are easier to troubleshoot, but EFI is more reliable overall. carbs are less expensive, but require more service overall.

but both can be made to run for many years with little attention.
Thank you for that tid-bit rbohm

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