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one issue with a lot of cranking to start a carbed set up is if your using a mechanical pump or electric. The dual quad set up uses a electric pump usually just turn the key and wait a bit as the fuel fills the bowels noted by some clicking like sounds and fires up. this is after sitting for a week or months.
My dualy uses doth electric in the tanks and mechanical pump. it has to be cranked a bit after sitting for some time.
77 tbird mechanical needs a lot of cranking to start after sitting for weeks or more.
BTW none of these vehicles have a choke working the quads dont even have choke horns anymore

thought about a dual efi set up instead of dual carbs but the dont make 4 bbl versions the size i woud consider would have had to go dual 2 bbl.. 3 2 bbl set up might have considered as i have seen that done but even then it was on a BB as 2 bbl ones could be a bit large for a SB which might work best with 3 1bbls.
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