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When we were in the area last year, I got to spend a "car day" on vacation. I did a tour at chips shop, visited classic industries, socal speed shop up in Pamona, and a couple other places I can't quite recall and even went to a local cruise in in Huntington Beach.

I saw what a few people mentioned, it seemed like a lot of people sitting down waiting for someone to get to them. HOWEVER, if I was local, I think I could handle the wait if that meant I got to get my stuff right then. I do have NPD a couple hours away in NC and have been there multiple times, especially when trying to get matching interior colors, but it was so cool for SO MANY parts places and shops to be in one "local" area. I think when they bring up your name they can see how much you've spent, so I always get treated nice The counter people have always been super nice to get a couple versions of colors for me, blue is especially a pain in the ***...

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