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Were the heads milled the thickness of the guide plates ?

I've used guide plates on two sets of HiPo heads without having to mill anything, and still had more room than what you have under the rocker arm. I was using Crane Gold Race rocker arms. But my Ferrea valves (1.94 / 1.60 ) were slightly longer than stock valves, so I used push rods that were slightly longer too. That moved everything away from the ARP studs.


PS. For those people adding screw in studs, but not using guide plates: Do your studs have flat bases, or do they have a raised circumference ? If they're not completely flat , like the stock HiPo studs, you are at risk of cracking the stud bosses unless they are relieved. The ARP studs are not completely flat, unless they've changed them recently.

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