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Roddster 04-07-2016 10:54 AM

67/68 parts, looking for local
OK, I'm building a clone. So, I am in need of a few parts
67/68 regular hood. The top part (outside) need not be pretty. I'm looking for a good metal underliner.
67/68 deck lid. Same as above, interested in a good underliner
So, the above two pieces can be rusted through...but NOT the underliners. Dents or scoops OK too.

67/68 regular rear valence. Already have the GT dual exhaust one.

67/68 right rear window frame WITH NO RUST PITS. tinted or clear, even missing glass or broken glass. I neeed a non-pitted frame.
Export brake for the 67/68 body. NOT the cheap crappy one. The one that is either real or "the best repop" type. It has the deep stamping in the ribs. The cheapys don't.

67 Shelby lower side scoops. There is a huge difference between the 67's and 68's. Repoped ones are OK too. Cracked are OK too.

PM me with location and price in the first PM. If you have the date codes on the hood or deck even better.
Thank you, Rod T, YES, I own that white 67 GT 350 you've seen around.

riles 04-08-2016 08:21 AM

There's a guy in the New Lenox area that sells a lot of original 67/68 parts. I have to contact a buddy of mine for his info, but I'll PM you later .

sheza65 04-08-2016 09:16 AM

There's this guy in Joliet too:

1967 mustang items

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