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Originally Posted by bdub4u View Post
dang man, I really feel bad for you. wish I could help you out.

Excavator maybe?

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Originally Posted by Israel View Post
Excavator maybe?
Nope, dont have one of them. And it would be a long haul from TX to MI
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No concrete washout? If the EPA saw this, both you and the Company doing the work could get a hefty fine. I hate to say it, but you need to start over. Even tho you signed a contract, the work they have performed up to this point is beyond bad. Like others have said, any smart judge will side with you. Hell you might even be able to get Judge Judy or Joe Brown to take this on and then they would be exposed nationally .
I am sorry they have screwed this up for you, do not let them go any further and do not give them any money.

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Alert WTF ?

Sag, I feel for you. Thats about the MOST piss poor work I have ever seen. There ARE some places that use OSB for forms, but the fellows that I've seen have boards with 2x4 screwed along the edges so the boards stay flat, and they used at least five times as much bracing to hold the boards where they want them to stay. NEVER seen anyone try to do a pour with just loose OSB flopping around. I'm thinking your guys have never done this before, maybe only watched somebody else a coupla times. Keep taking pictures, make file of them. It looks like you will have to do a tear out and start over. Maybe you can get an inspector to flunk them completly and ORDER them to tear it out. I'm not sure how this gets fixed without litigating. Sorry, it sucks to be you at the moment. LSG

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Thanks for all the moral support, and help everyone.
I really need it.
It is hard waiting for Monday morning.
I will be at my city building department at 8:00 a.m. on the dot. To make sure I can get a grade stake done A.S.A.P..
The person who does the grade stakes for the city is a friend, and old classmate of my wife. He has been great to work with.
I just have to let the city inspectors help me through this. One painfully slow step at a time.
I am trying real hard not to explode on these idiots like a "Mushroom cloud laying mfer", Pulp Fiction quote.

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If the grade is right there is no need to tear the foundation out. I will admit it does look high compared to the fence. It looks like they poured the footing at slab height, but I could be completely wrong since I'm looking at a picture and the perspective could be wacky. It's going to take some very creative landscaping to hide that mess.

Cut the stooges loose ASAP.

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man this is what i would do. Stop any more destruction asap and go ahead and plan on taking them to court. Continue on with your plan on getting the city involved and start creating a paper trail with them to help you out. When they show up on monday be cool with them, explain the issues, tell them the city is involved, and tell them your demands. If you flip out on them, dont expect to them to be as willing to see their errors and correct the damage done. walk them through their crappy work, then tell them who's getting involved, then tell them that you want a return on funds and them to remove their work then tell them that you're already set up for a lawsuit and the ball is in their court. oh and if you have a way to, record that conversation that you'll have. That way if he agrees to take care of it, it's documented if he decides to pull out on the deal.

i know you wanted to get this wrapped up before winter, but at this point i'd hit the brakes on that. One thing to consider is lining up a good/known company for the spring and have it done right. Save all your receipts on storage costs for over the winter and bring that to court for this company you have now. It should be pretty easy for the judge to see their "workmanship", the distress it has caused you, and now the money you are now out for lawyer/court fees as well as storage fees.

I usually dont get into the suing people mode, but at this point I would and hit them hard. Only for the aspect that if you hit em hard enough financially, they might never be able to do this to someone else.
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DANG SAG, those pictures are PAINFUL! Quite possibly the worst concrete job I've ever seen in my life, and I'm old!
Those pictures guarantee a win in any court of law.
If you can hold it together while trying to reason with the buffoon who did that work you're a better man than I.
Hope it works out for you.
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Got no advice but try to keep your sanity! I can't handle following your disaster!

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Crappy work for sure. However, if the top of the foundation is level and wide enough for the block wall, crooked and too wide foundations is a non issue. Hopefully you're not paying for the extra concrete.


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Even if the concrete is deemed structurally sound, you will always have that doubt lingering in the back of your mind. Hopefully when they check the grade it will be too high and it'll be a done deal for you. I don't see why you shouldn't be entitled to a full refund, and if you wanted to pursue it, compensation for cleaning up the mess. It'll take you all summer to hammer that out with a good pneumatic hammer, then what do you do with it?? There is not much worse than that feeling in your gut when you know you're getting screwed. I'm sure you feel helpless, but stay on it, it can only get better from here!!
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Wow, just wow. Once you get this all sorted out you need a vacation. Just get away from this for a while

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If you want some advice, I'll give some... I have been in a couple of situations like this, not necessarily concrete, but similar.

IT WILL NOT GET BETTER. DO NOT LET THEM CONTINUE. I don't know how much you have paid them so far, I hope not the full amount. But if you think this situation is going to get better, I sorry to say I think you are wrong. Regardless of what the inspector has to say about grade, fire them now. If the grade is good, do you think they will find some dams skill and do it right? heck no. Not only did those forms suck, but they wasted a ton of concrete!! So its not like to are trying to be cheap and quick.
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Pure rubbish in every way. Pay 'em, toss 'em and suck the 2X up the cost to get it done right.
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over sized is ok

clearly they are having issues, I wouldent want the cement too wide, but it is just going to make it stronger.

Looks like they did not vibrate or rod the cement on the sides.

You did not give them permission to pore cement outside of the footing areia, so you can ask them to cut it back to the shape of the garage. They will never be willing to do that and they will likly walk away at that point.

then after they are gone see if you can salvage what you got, hopfully the rebar is set corect and usable.

tearing that out would be a huge job, i would try to clean it up and live with it. but i wouldent pay another cent unless they make it 100% right.

not sure if you can just fire them, ,, you may have to give them the opertunity to corect it.

i think you can stop them from doing more, untill they corect there curent work first.

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