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Here in Florida, Harley’s are nothing special. Everybody’s got one. And they cruise with their “packs” on Saturdays and Sundays.
There’s a HD shop on every street corner (not really but it seems that way).
There’s biketoberfest, bike week, bike this and bike that.

I’m not interested in buying a motorcycle. But if I were, I’d get a Triumph. 😉
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1970 Mustang coupe
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I've ridden mostly dirt bikes since '72 and still have a couple. I've had a few road bikes including a '66 Yamaha 100cc TwinJet and a '79 SR500. I recently traded my '02 YZF-R6 for an '18 FJR1300. Note that all my road bikes have foot positions directly under the rider like a dirt-bike. When I ride my buddies HD or cruiser with the forward foot placement, I feel like I lack control. I like having my feet under me so I can stand on the pegs and hug the tank when going over bumps or hard into corners. The cruiser riding experience seems detached and unstable just sitting there on my duff. On the other hand, they sure are comfy on a smooth straight stretch of road.
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2019 Shelby GT350
"There's never enough horsepower - Just not enough traction." - Carroll Shelby
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Sold the Road Sofa today. My wife was more sad to see it go than I was. We got 14 good years and a lot of memories out of that bike, and the old guy who bought it will probably put another 50K miles on it.
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My ride is a Kawasaki ZRX1200. Want to haul ***, this does it.
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'67 coupe, 390, 4spd.
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Lost my brother and few friends to the harley thing. I dont dislike the bikes just what it does to people. Personally there performance is abysmal when compared to other bikes. I believe thats why harley riders must only speak in special groups, kind of like the special Olympics.
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I cut my teeth at 17 on Indians, old Chiefs and Scouts. The pic below was my favorite, it started as a full dresser but morphed as I got into high school and beyond. I was about 25 when this photo was taken, it was a pic of the house and by the time it was zoomed in you can barely see the bike but its the only shot I have left of my custom Indian. That bike destroyed my back but damn, I rode the crap out of it across Southern California of the 70s and 80 and up to Sonoma county and the Marin headlands north of SF. IT was the fastest bike in my area till the Honda 750 debuted. 80 cu inch with a Indian's racing Bonneville kit, cams and carb, it handled like a dream and rode like a buckboard. These were the daze when you drove a custom, you built it with innovation and parts from old cars or whatever you could find. It said something about you and frankly, it took a "real man" to start one ;o)

I don't mind the Harley douches except when they go crazy on the pipes and feel the need to overcompensate for their "inadequacies" by revving the crap out of them screaming to everyone "look at me, I'm a sad douche". On nice summer days in downtown Watkins Glen, there is a bar that opens the storefront windows letting the summer in. We play music on Sunday afternoons and the douches drive by on their store-bought-electric-start Harleys customized with catalog bolt-ons all decked out like the guy in the Village People reving the crap out of straight pipes in a downtown with 2 story buildings on either side of the street. NOBODY thinks they are cool.

I don't mind people who look like douches, I got no opinion, but when they ACT like a douche, yea, I'll get some attitude...
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Heavy Metal Thunder Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW3L_O7N_xs

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I prefer my 2004 Vulcan 2000. It is 2053 cc's/ 125 ci's and will flat out move. The only problem....it is very very heavy. Low speed parking lots suck...a lot Nice to cruise on though. Rode to key west last fall.

Me and then my youngest son Rolling from Tamp to Key West for a couple of days. He has a Suzuki M109R Bad assed bike too.

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I ride a ďdirt Harley,Ē as the orange bike haters around here like to call them, since thatís what 75% of people here choose to ride. Iíve been on dirt bikes my whole life, but Iíd never ride a bike on the street.
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I liked the Cosplay comment... I bought a Victory for the "I don't want to have a bike that looks like all the others" thing.
I pulled it out of the garage to paint this weekend.....may have to keep it.
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Barney..1966 Mustang Coupe
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My daily scoot. I've got skulls, wear leathers, ride whenever and wherever, and don't give 2 ****s about what others think- because I can. Like others have mentioned, there are always those asshats that ruin things for others, or give particular groups bad names, stereotypes, etc. Do what you like, and do it for you- don't sweat the jealous critics....
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Working on old cars teaches us patience... and every curse word imaginable!
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A Honda 700 was all I ever needed. Got me to work, the beach (2 hrs) and was enjoyable for day trips. My Harley friends were always fixing their bikes.
A bad hip and old age lead to selling it to my cousin's boy. He drove a Kawasaki something (cross street/dirt) across Europe, Turkey, Georgia and into Russia, but that's an long story.
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Some nice bike pics and great stories. Unfortunately my experience is rather limited and so are my stories. Here is one that fits in.
Back in the late 80s I got a hankering to ride, couldn't find a Harley in my price range but found a killer deal on a pristine 77 Honda CB750. It had been sitting in garage for years and guy had gotten the ultimatum to get rid of it so I jumped on the deal, and the bike.
Local park that I cruised occasionally usually had several large groups of bikes and the Harley and Japanese riders definitely didn't mingle.
I was living in an apartment in Dallas and on the back side of the complex lived several hard core bikers: leathers, long hair, long beards that reached down to disguise their beer guts. Rough looking crowd. Anyway one weekend I came back from a spirited ride and decided to take a slow lap around the complex to cool down. As I rounded the back of the complex on my Jap bike, I spotted my Harley riding neighbors having a cookout. There must of been 30 bikes parked and it looked like the Sons Of Anarchy get together. They spotted me and a half dozen of so of them came running out waving to flag me down. OH CRAP!
As I rolled to a stop, they surrounded me and slammed me with questions and remarks, "What year is that?" "That looks just like the bike I started out with" "Man that thing is in great shape" etc etc. Ended up inviting me to join them in some beer and burgers.
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Coyote build in 65 GT Fastback in body work https://forums.vintage-mustang.com/b...e-powered.html and on Facebook @65gtmustang
F150 SCREW Ecoboost as my daily
66 Emberglow Coupe first car,71 Torino GT, 82 Fastback slooooow 6 banger, 71 Boss 351, 85 GT all long gone
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Originally Posted by GT289 View Post
Lane splitting.
Sorry, but that's the stupidest thing ever.
Haters just gonna hate...

To the OP - Did you buy it yet?

Over 100,000 miles spiritedly driven since 2006!
Formula for a daily driver street fighter in Los Angeles:
'67 Fastback + Built 351W + T5 + 3.55:1 + LTs + 2.5" + 40s + TT2 17"
+ Arning drop + CSRP + R&P + Bilsteins + SFCs + under riders + 22 Gal.
+ 3pts + 2nd Skin + MTF grille/lights + LEDs + BlueTooth + SiriusXM

MTF Grille/Light Kit Install w/ Pics... & Engine Bay Pics...
As featured in Hot Rod Magazine tech article, May 2014
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Originally Posted by jdub View Post
Pic of the RD just for fun.
Lovely bike.

I had an RD350LC in the past. My first bike after passing my test. I thought it was a bit slow at first until the engine hit the powerband. I love 2 strokes.

I am currently rebuilding an RD500LC at the moment. I have never ridden it. I can't wait to see what the 2 stroke V4 goes like.

I think the liquid cooled RD's are called RZ's in other countries.

And I have an FZ750 as my everyday bike which is great fun.
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Originally Posted by Rorin67 View Post
Haters just gonna hate...

To the OP - Did you buy it yet?
Still on the fence but these stories have been entertaining. I definitely don't NEED it.... I've had a few guys come look at it and throw some low all offers on it, but the more I'm hearing from you all, those offers are becoming more realistic.

I mean, $10k could get me a 4-link and new stroker motor for the mustang....

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