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Originally Posted by Fastang68 View Post
Dang he sure did take out a tree! No kidding. Ouch!
Looks more like the tree took out the car.
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Replace the Cobra with my '66, the starting line with a 4 way stop, and add in torrential rain...and this is what prompted my rotisserie restoration 8 years ago. Oh and replace the tree with a 6-box mailbox hut with pressure treated posts set in concrete. Hubby was behind me in our '05 and saw *both* doors on my car. Had it, lost it, had it, lost it, then hit grass. No hope then as we just started sliding in earnest haha.

Tip: original steel bumpers are the way to go when trying to cut down PT posts with a classic car lol.
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Originally Posted by Fishfreq View Post
Who else has done this? Talk to me, because I've got experience in this, and not the good kind.

Lucky for me, the break-away bolts holding the pole to the concrete did their job and the pole broke off and went right over the top of the 'vette. No humans were harmed other than glass shards in my hair and down my shirt, and pants.

Anyhow, when you say 'tight LSD', do you mean it's tight and NOT keeping the weighted outside tire driving (during the slide)? Or do you mean it's tight and NOT allowing the power to transfer to the inside unweighted, or less weighted tire?

I've driven spooled cars with slicks or solid-axle race carts, and with no differential, cornering, drifting, sliding was easy-peasy, and totally confidence inspiring. On the street with open or LSD's, not so fun sliding. Would a Detroit locker be better? What gives? Or doesn't give...?
Well I had one spin experience with my Factory Five. The problem with these cars in general is the short wheel base. Loading and then unloading the rear tires with application of the brakes is asking for trouble. I had a Detroit TrueTrac in mine and I liked that you got even power to the rear tires. I can only imagine that having a open diff with high HP and a short wheel base would be a prescription for trouble.

If you have one of these cars, Auto X the car as much as you can to learn what the car will do when you lose traction. I spun mine while Auto Xing and found that heavy braking into a corner is almost as bad, it unloads the rear tires and the rear comes around in a hurry.
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Originally Posted by 1ofAMillion+ View Post
I mean tight as in it wanting to keep either drive wheel equal reducing steering ability, causing a plow in the front. Just one factor though. The fishtail effect being the rear wants to go forward but the front is in the way so it tries to go to one side or the other to get around the front, If you're crooked and the rear gets major traction while cockeyed it snaps similar to too much rear brake bias. Then there is the weight transferring to the front with the throttle snapping closed, as seen in this video at the end of the first wiggle he gets full out of it end but the wheels are still spinning fast enough to want to pass the front=snap over steer. (snap over steer also being possible from weight transfer without spinning tires)

Not saying I could have saved it since I've never had such a P/W ratio car but I know not to let it get that far out at anything above a crawl speed. I have nearly done the same thing many many times in the wet or purposefully drifting in a slow corner.
Throttle modulation is the key in my mind, either let it go full donut at slow speed or have nearly full traction quicker(or a weak/open diff). That and practicing in a wide area without witnesses because every car is different
I was just wondering if using, say, a detroit locker style diff, if that would reduce the chances of that double-cross fishtail? I've accused it in the past to my open (or tired ltd slip) differential; when the rear end goes left, the outside tire gains traction and therefore the diff takes power away and sends it to the inside unweighted tire, which behaves like you snapped off the throttle, so then the rear of the car whips to the right, and the cycle repeats and sometimes is amplified by the accelerating car. Is this the scenario this cobra is experiencing?
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I’ve spun my cobra twice, luckily both a low speeds. Yep, these short wheelbase cars spin fast. One time, before switching to carbs, I installed a EEC that was faulty. I had to keep the RPMs up so it wouldn’t stall. Kept my foot on the gas, and the erratic RPMs made the tires break loose, and it spun. Another time, ‘last drive of the year’ in November, went to get gas before tucking her away for the season. Blip’d the throttle and the back end broke loose, went 180 degrees, then back the other way. No smoke, no screeching, and just kept on driving. My wife (gf at the time) and I looked at each other like, did that just happen!?

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Yup, just add water and wait for the rear to come around.
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Fortunately it wasn't my friend that did it. He was a few cars behind him and only heard about it, didn't see it happen.
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Originally Posted by Fishfreq View Post
I Is this the scenario this cobra is experiencing?
I won't presume to know which LSD is better or worse for it. You see the Cobra above losing it several times with a pro stunt driver.(Peter Fonda might qualify as a pro if its him)

My experience is that an open or old(1/2 worn out) one is less likely to cause it, my theory being if one wheel is driving less it's less likely the rear is to want to come around plus an open rear has one tire acting as an anchor. As another example on a tractor my family had it had a pedal that locked the rear, if you were on that pedal the front had no steering response(extreme example), or a possibly irrelevant example, those midget dirt cars that use spool rears that steer right to go left around a track, but in the transition between the rears spinning and then gaining traction at both rears some crazy control stuff happens.
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