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Too Hot !

Man, it is way to hot/humid in Central Alabama. It is another scorcher at 96 F and high humidity. Just saps the energy right on out of a fellow. I've lived here most of my life, but there is no getting use to this kind of stuff. I can handle to heat to a degree but the humidity just makes it miserable to do anything outside. It does cool off some when it rains but will still be 89 or so with 100% That ain't helpin' a bit ! I need to cut off the quarter panel that got torn up and replace with a skin that I have. I hate this time of year with a passion. Here in the central part of the state we get these fronts that come down from the north and get stalled, because the hot Gulf of Mexico holds it there. The heat advisory is for 110 F degrees this afternoon with the heat/humidity factored in. I know it gets hotter elsewhere, but how about the humidity factor, as there is no where or the sweat to go down here? Anybody else miserable outside?
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I feel ya man. 95-100 highs here for the foreseeable future. This is double tough as most people think of September as autumn, but it sure ain't here. Usually in the 90's until October. Thankfully humidity hasn't been too bad yet. 65ish%.

But, I've never shoveled snow in my life, and for that, I am thankful. Stay in the A/C until sundown and enjoy the warm summer night.
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Time to air condition the garage...

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Originally Posted by gwstang View Post
Man, it is way to hot/humid in Central Alabama....Anybody else miserable outside?
Yep. I waited to mow yesterday til the sun was at least behind some trees. It was still 92 with a 105 index and 100% humidity. Got about 3/4 done, made a turn with the mower and saw / heard / felt lightning pop a tree a few hundred yards away. I quit immediately ! ! Then came the first of two BIG storms last night. I had to drive west of Montgomery this morning and it's HOT. My yard will probably need to be mowed again today...
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Hot here too on the GA coast. I tried working in my garage one night last week and the humidity was more than I felt like dealing with.
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Definitely hot here in north Texas too, but it’s not keeping me from having some fun. Yesterday I was geared up in full protection, helmet, neck brace, full wrap around body protection, knee pads, elbow pads and we rode 45 miles of hard, rocky, technical terrain. Good times with lots of water and sweat. Hoping to go back out on Friday.
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I put a window unit ac in the garage. It was 99 bucks on sale. My friends laughed about how spoiled it seemed to want a/c in the garage. Now that its 95 and humid everyone wants to use the garage now.... Even SWMBO wants to do large tasks in the garage. Best 99 bucks I ever spent. It added about 20 bucks/mo to pwr bill if I leave it on 75 all the time from April to sept. Its money well spent. I can't believe how nice it is to work w/o extreme sweating.

Everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line should at least consider it IMHO
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Originally Posted by Hemikiller View Post
Time to air condition the garage...

We're have a spell where it's a bit cooler than normal. Won't get above 105 or so this week. That's a joy for this time of year. I got that Portacool direct as a refurb to replace my 12 year old mobile Whispercool. It was $200 shipped but only a 6 month warranty. New at the big box stores it's $400-500.

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Yeah, here in Kentucky, the humidity is a killer. Temps aren't as high as Alabama but still pretty miserable. Having to wear sweat bands to keep from dripping on car while sanding and spraying. All metal building is like an oven, no, an oven is dry. More like a sauna.
Wife was questioning why I was pushing to stay out there and spray primer on the sand through, afraid to leave the metal exposed for any length of time.
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Been pretty hot and humid down here in LA. Just the exact greeting I expected to encounter as we endure our first summer in Silverhill, Baldwin County. I figure if I can survive this summer I should be good to go for the future. And I now know what the phrase "weather than you can wear" means.

I do have a window air conditioner on my agenda for the garage. I have to insulate the attic above it first but figure that can wait until this fall when it cools down enough to be up there.

I know for a fact this winter I will not miss the snow and cold we were subjected to in South Dakota.

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Want me to tell you about the 60 degree and 47% humidity weather again while we were up in Newfoundland? Might cool you down.....or heat you up, depending. Been low to mid 90s here in good old Norcalina. I'm fortunate, I'm up about 1400' so its normally cooler when I get home, but at work it's like steam oven.

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I moved to MN about 4.5 years ago from Tulsa. I get tickled at the folks here that complain about the oppressive heat here in mn. If it gets in the upper 80s man do they start crying.


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It's 95 or 96 today and will be for the next 3 or 4 days, with a relatively dry 56% humidity. I put an A/C in the compressor room, it stays around 78° in there, even with the compressor running. The compressor room is insulated, the rest of the shop, not so much.
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Upper 90's here, but low humidity. I grew up in central FL, so I know what real humidity looks like. However, hot is hot. Being so much closer to the sun, the sun's rays are just stronger here. I am "lucky" that my garage door faces north, and my garage is under the bedrooms, so it stays pretty nice in there most of the year. However, a north facing garage on a 2 story home sucks when it snows.
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Originally Posted by Hemikiller View Post
Time to air condition the garage...
The damn garage is full of other cars/junk. I put the mustang in an older barn with a concrete floor and it is too hot in there. I'm trying to put a new wiring harness in my '82 vette and it is out in the sun with no starter installed etc. For the record, the vette is tighter to work in than the stang. However, I have cursed both equally...Does that mean I love them both? lol I'm going to catch my oldest son (gave him 4 acres cross the road to build a house) and get him to help me move the vette with my big tractor. Then I can work on it under the cabana off the back of barn. It's cool under there and open.

Red head (not too bad at 63) and the '66 I have to fix. The damn back wheel came off and crunched the quarter badly. I hate unilug rims. I already have the new magnum 500's sitting in the shop ready for new rubber and putting on, when I finish the repair.

The blessed vette I'm rebuilding.

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