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Country Life Experiences

Several years ago I mentioned having a large snake crawl out from under the dash of my tractor and my bailing off the tractor while he went the other direction. He had similar coloration to a copper head so I didn't take time to make sure identification.
Well Saturday I noticed the tail of a skin hanging out the exhaust port of the tractor. Opened the hood and there was a snake skin wrapped around the drive pulley and belt. Got it out and it measured a little over 4' 7". No more sign of the creep crawly.
Anyhow, started tractor, hooked up bush hog and drove back to pond to mow around it. About 15 minutes into mowing, I am looking over my shoulder, guiding the bush hog close to the waters edge when I move my hand to change grip on the wheel. What I grabbed was much larger than the wheel and instead of shiny smooth, slightly rough. WOAH! Turned and there the previous occupant of said skin draped over and around the steering wheel. Luckily it was readily apparent that it was a black snake so instead of blind panic, I only slightly panicked, stayed on the tractor, grabbing and tossing the snake into the weeds. I am sure he had grown some since he had shed his skin, first impression was he was about 2 feet longer. After my pulse returned to normal, I recalculated to him being about 5' now.
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Quit driving his house!

I’m somewhat in the country. My brother parked a truck on my property for a few months when it broke down. When he finally fixed it months later, he drove into to town to the grocery store. He opened his door and began to exit truck. Half-way out something large, long, heavy and scaly dropped onto the back of his neck. He said he jumped out screaming like a little girl as he knew that scaly feeling was a snake. He said he saw the tail disappear under the truck and it where to be found. It was mid day, 95 degrees and he was in a huge parking lot with smoking hot pavement. The snake must have gotten in another vehicle, as my brother said he looked everywhere for that snake...never to be seen again....yuk!
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Next time you're bush-hogging, you better wear your brown pants.
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I've found many a skin in ever increasing sizes in the garage over the years. This is the last one. After this I "discovered" it hanging down like a jungle vine and looking at me over my vice. Though I appreciated the rodent extermination that was a little too close to my working area so I caught and ejected it. Went into the woods across the road. The next day it apparently tried to come back and the neighbors saw it. They were proudly displaying the dead body. So much for that. One much smaller skin I found later and like to think it was a child of the big one. Haven't seen one in quite some time and have had to resort to mousetraps.
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We had a 4-5 foot black snake living around my shed (it would sometimes migrate to the front porch, scared the crap out of me one day). Haven't seen him in a couple years though, used to see him at least a couple times a month. He was just a little guy the first time I saw him, maybe a foot or so.
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Kinda surprised I haven't seen any of them in my area since I got corn fields all around. As long as they stay outside and get the mice and chipmunks, I'll leave them be.
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I grew up in a rural area. Cheaha Mountain and the Talladega National Forest were my playground as a kid. Learned not to put my hands or feet in places I couldn't see. Most snakes are good and beneficial around the outside of a home and shop. I'm surprised somebody doesn't sell them...Those black snakes and even the long brown and grey ones with slender bodies are definitely the good kind to have around. The black ones are FAST too ! We always called them black racers. I have played in creeks and once had a water moccasin swim between my legs in knee-deep water. I think I was done for a little while then. I have killed some poisonous snakes over the years but I try to leave them alone in the wilderness because [B] I [B] am the trespasser there. I keep my yard cut and trimmed so my kids and dog have less to worry about.

I remember I once bought a 69 Mustang for parts that had a "chicken" snake living in the hood. The seller even put it on the Bill of Sale haha ! It moved out after I loaded it on a trailer and brought it home. What I DIDN'T know is there was a colony of bees in the firewall insulation. I was hunched over looking at the buck tag when my Dad slammed the driver door, they boiled out and I got stung about 7 times on the face before I could get away. Benadryl was my friend for a couple of days...

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I stepped on the snake in the picture about a year ago while on our property at Lake Eufaula. I must have landed right on his head because I felt the "earth" move under me. I jumped to my left after having looked down (into some spider webs nonethless). You can see the change of heart rate when I looked down and realized what I was standing on.

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Originally Posted by Turnall View Post
I stepped on the snake in the picture about a year ago while on our property at Lake Eufaula. I must have landed right on his head because I felt the "earth" move under me. I jumped to my left after having looked down (into some spider webs nonethless). You can see the change of heart rate when I looked down and realized what I was standing on.

I was cleaning up bunch of garbage in woods when something wiggled under my foot and as I pulled back in a panic, a flash of brown reached up lightning fast and latched onto my leg. I was gasping for breath as I untangled the old mattress spring which had jumped up and snagged my jeans.

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Yesterday AM I had a neighbor here in far north Idaho advise that as he was pissing off the back porch (off the grid place) and a very large mountain lion passed by 50 yards away. A crazy rarity to see a big tom in the day. Deer and black bears are common, moose less so, elk even less so. Been enjoying seeing the crop of whitetail fawns about. Rarely see snakes though.
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I live in southeastern rural Arizona. I got lots of snake stories. As long as they are the non-venomous kind, I leave them alone. Those that like to play with their rattles get dispatched. Sometimes we have skunks that like to wander next to our ground level A/C system, and then we get to smell them for awhile. Lots of rabbits, quail, dove, roadrunners, coyotes, etc. I was coming off a ladder in the front yard and almost stepped on top of a javelina at the foot of the ladder...I think he/she was trying to figure out what I was doing up there. Hawks, vultures, and even a pair of eagles a few years ago. The ones that worry me the most are the two legged varmints running their loads northward from the border that is about 4-5 miles south of us. Them I don't like at all.

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King snake ?

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I had an infestation of chipmunks at my old house. One summer they all disappeared thanks to a colony of black snakes. Once the chipmunks disappeared, so did the snakes.

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this is back in about '03. I was working on my car in the driveway when this little feller slithered up next to me. the snake lady (holding the snake), was the only one who would come get it without killing it. it was about 6 ft long, awesome snake. never coiled up or rattled once. we picked it up with a rake and set it in an empty garbage can. should have seen her face when she first saw it. I had told her how big it was but she didn't believe me, said everyone exaggerates. not me, lol

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We used to own a 1926 farmhouse ( oh God, not another Russstang story!). We’re talking 10’ ceilings, beaded board everything, oak floors, 5 brick fireplaces, etc. lots of nooks and crannies. I found skins in the attics over the second floors, well house, old garage, etc. So....when the kids were about 6 and 9 we came home from buying groceries and were unloading out back and coming into the back porch that had a door going into the kitchen and also one leading into the central hallway. My son had gone into the hall ahead of us and he comes screaming back out, “Daddy there’s a snake in the house!”. I’m thinking 2 stories with TONS of hiding places. I ask him where and he said at the front door. I get my Marlin Perkins stick with the noose on the end and go in. Everyone else encourages me from the back porch. So I scan in, around and under everything as I move towards the parlor and the front door. It’s ajar so I ask my son was it inside or outside the door, he just shrugs. I ease open the door, looking low and hating the screen door didn’t go all the way down and left a gap at the bottom. I’m scanning left and right on the porch and am just about to push open the screen when my spider senses go full alert. There wrapped back and forth on the spring for the screen door was a 5’+ black snake. He was wrapped so tight after I lassoed him that my wife had to take pliers and undo one end so I could slide him off the spring. Felt like carrying a brick on the end of a broom handle.
These adventures went on for awhile until we burned a huge oak stump and for days you had to watch your step for black snakes. Had to switch to a hoe after that.

Extra points for anyone knowing what the Marlin Perkins device reference was about.
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