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  1. coolblue65
    06-08-2017 10:51 PM - permalink
    It's not a straightforward answer to be honest as there are so many variables. In terms of basic fit, no, you don't need to modify anything to fit 17x8's with the 4.75" backspacing. For tires I have 235/45/17 dunlop direzza Z1 tires on all 4 corners. As far as how my car sits, that is because I have 4.5 mid-eye leaf springs, I have front lowering springs, with the shelby drop, and 1/4 coil cut. Very occasionally under the right circumstances, I get some tire rub, but nothing severe that worries my in any way. Everything will come into play, including your alignment. Also note that my front fenders are NOT rolled, but my rear are...they were done by the previous owner 20+ years ago, so I can't really say if it's needed or not to fit the rear tires. If you didn't want your car as low as mine, everything will totally fine.

    Good luck,
  2. jakeinarkansas
    06-08-2017 04:48 PM - permalink
    I have a very similar in color 68 coupe 289. I'm about to purchase tires very similar to yours, American Racing 17inch. Something like the link. I like the way yours sits, looks perfect. Did you have to modify anything to make them fit and steer correctly? Price seems right, but don't know how much, if even needed, to mod and what mods are needed? I'm a new mustang owner, so unfortunately I don't know enough on tires and wheels.[/url]

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