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I wish it was closer to me, I'd go there more often. The last time I went was to figure out which one of the 15 different blues available I needed for my interior parts. Counter guy was super nice and brought out what they had for each item I wanted. I think it was arm rests, center consoles and a couple other things.

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If you're EVER near Ocala FL, call ahead and try to schedule a guided tour of the car collection. It's a Monster indoor, climate controlled, show room.

My wife and I were lucky enough to have Rick himself, the owner, take a few hours out of his schedule to show us around.

We got to see his dad's first car, Ricks favorite car, a Boss 429, and his mother's 500 KR, which she really didn't like.

Definitely worth the trip if your anywhere near. Ricks a gracious and honest guy and will tell you flat out, which are the best fitting and also the less than best of what he has to offer.

Link below is of our visit:

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Originally Posted by 4ocious View Post
You must not have one of the Drake export braces then, or any of his other tried and true original offerings. Drake stuff should not be considered an automatic no-no. In fact, some of it remains superior. Just review prior to purchase like anything else. But yes, some of it is crappy garbage since he expanded a few years ago. He dropped the ball for profit's sake and severely damaged what was a fine reputation.
This has been well documented and is sad.
That's why I'm so frustrated.. I seem to be the "first" person finding all of these quality issues. Multiple 5 star reviews on something, and I get one that is a dud. Luckily CJ Pony has treated me very well, and paid for return shipping on parts that were bad from the factory.
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I have to agree, pick and choose the part and or vendor. Sometimes good, sometimes garbage.

I have had excellent luck with upholstery from TMI. Mine is far better stitching and seems lining up than the original.

Then there is the other extreme, I cant find a quality 1968 left inside door handle anywhere, they all sit at an angle. How hard would it have been to make them right. About all you can do with them is cut the roll pin and part it out.
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Glad I am not alone

Hood hinges are another

Have now replaced two new appearing pairs as they were collapsing

One of the new ones is so stiff that even after lubrication and a hundred or so cycles of up and down it still is garbage. I've bought another to replace it

Just today threw out a "hi-po" air cleaner assembly as looked as though it was fifty years old. Pitted and rusty
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I've said it before trying to educate people on what is happening. Scott Drake is now owned by Huron Investment Group. Hurons sole purpose is profit. They are using the name and substituting cheap inferior parts and charging for the name. You may still be able to get some of the original quality parts but that is going away as inventory is depleted. An investment group is just that. Investment. Profit is the endgame. It is happening across the restoration industry as investors recognize the potential for profit at the expense of the hobby. As always greed takes over.

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And lets not forget those wonderful day/night rear view mirrors that wiggle like a bowl of Jell-O going over the slightest bump. Mine lasted about 2 days before the old original went back on. Or the '66 parking brake handle with the roll pin hole punched on the wrong side - how hard would it have been to figure that one out.
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At least we HAVE repro parts

Ever tried restoring a mopar? lolol
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Most of these parts are all made in China=junk! I now shop for everything used OE parts on eBay and refurbish them. Perfect fit and function.
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Im bout to get totally flamed; but you catalog resto-guys, well you get what you deserve. Life just isn't that easy. For some of us, we learn how to choose a car that has the important things like stock bumpers in great condition and search swap meets digging deep into boxes o parts for that trinket we need that can be fixed with some ingenuity. Buy a parts car for a few key trinkets. No Scott Drake for us! Everything but motor, clutch and ball joints etc is original ford. I fix everything rather than replace. Got boxes o bolts, trinkets etc. and foster friendships with like minded pack rats.

There is life after catalogs, just requires persistence, ingenuity and being a totally cheap bast$&d!


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My first Mustang restoration was done in 1991 using mostly blue box Ford replacement parts. I guess we would have bitched about them then but Al Gore had not yet invented the internet. Life got in the way and I was not able to re-enter the hobby until 2014. Glad I paid extra for an original unmolested rust free example this time as most stuff today is crap when compared to the second rate (we thought at the time) Ford replacements.

I got some correctly cast HiPo manifolds, and a great Boss 302 oil pan from Scott Drake. I've also got a lot of useless $hit that I returned.

I would hate to ever have to trust an aftermarket ignition switch to start my mustang. If I am able to overcome my engine issues I'm going to be big on collecting NOS and blue box Ford replacement parts.

Don't think you need to be a cheap bast$&d. Just smart.
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I'm still fighting with the repo rear windshield gasket that is way too thick at the corners. I still have not gotten the lower right corner to "seat" on the clips. Guess I'll just drive around with it waving in the wind...already dented the you know what out of that corner piece. How hard is it to make a freaking window gasket that is close to the original?
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Originally Posted by 65 Pony View Post
This is a tough one. While I agree it sucks when aftermarket parts completely blow, it's also an absolute blessing that we have them. There are still quite a lot of classics out there that have absolutely little to no aftermarket support and the owners have to search out original parts and have them all refinished/restored.

What we can do is let vendors that care (like Rick with NPD) know and hope that they can work with their suppliers to improve what's available.

As mustang owner's, we're honestly damn near spoiled with the fact that you can literally almost build a 100% brand new car with all "new" parts.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Are say'in we should be thankful for cheap/crappy made/poor fitting/2nd & 3rd rate/knock-off copies of Mustang parts?!!
I think many of us would pay more for better quality stuff but.....even the "better-quality" stuff is out of the same parts bin as the run-of-the-mill cheap stuff!
True...the Mustangs of the 60's were NOT meant/made to be on the road 50+ years later but at least the metal was thick enough to lean on and the chrome was heavy enough to not chip and peel in a couple of years!
No...I'm not happy to "just be able to get a re-placement part"(no matter the quality) but like the rest of you guyz....it either live with it or find a survivor some where(and there's not many of them in SC.) That's for sure!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....I feel better now Who's next??
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+1 on the pedal pad center popping off, on my 2nd one in 3 yrs. Once is comes off it's hard to get the curve right.

I have it glued in right now and have a new one in the bag I refuse to install because it will pop out like the rest

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Maybe 3D printers of the future will save us
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