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Arto Sevan Oksayan 10-04-2018 03:44 PM

Which Retrosound for 67 mustang with console assembly
Hi Guys,

I have a 1967 Mustang with a console assembly, this is the link of the assembly:

Console Assembly 1967 Mustang with Automatic Transmission | Console Kits, Assemblies & Bases | Console | Interior | Mustang |

I would like to purchase a retrosound radio for my car, but do not know which knobs are suitable for my console, or which radio I need to buy to go with this console assembly, can you guys please give the links of the radios that are suitable and also the knob sets that fit with this console set. Also I live abroad in Turkey, does the FM radio band work abroad ? I would appreciate if you could help me with these points as I do not have the luxury to buy the wrong setup.


New2me 10-04-2018 05:11 PM

I can't tell you anything about which radio to buy to work with your setup, but there are plenty of FM radio stations in Turkey so anything that works in the FM band should be OK.

dbenichou289 10-05-2018 07:13 AM

I think the FM frequencies in Europe are different than in the US. For example, the US is odd numbered...97.9,98.3,101.1, etc. where as Europe is even numbered 97.8, 98.4, 101.2. Is this correct? If so, you will have to find a radio that can handle European frequencies, especially on the digital dial radios.

All my digital radios hop between the odd channels, the even ones are not an option.

Arto Sevan Oksayan 10-05-2018 10:42 AM

Thanks Guys,

I cannot make up my mind, there are 4 models for 1967 Mustang.

1) Laguna
2) Hermosa
3) Long Beach
4) San Diego

So what I need basically is AM/FM and Bluetooh connectivity and USB which Hermosa model has all these specs, so I am in between Hermosa and Long Beach they are quite expensive
so I am trying to make up my mind on top of this I also have a Console Assembly which needs specific knobs, but I asked Retrosound about this and they confirmed that
08-77 and 07-77 are suitable knobs for consoles so just need to know if hermosa would be a good choice can you guys please share your opinios please.

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