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LeeFred 11-02-2018 03:00 PM

Spare $209K for Modern Boss 429?

Klutch 11-02-2018 03:18 PM

Obviously a pretty badass car. But it loses a lot in the translation, in my opinion. I suppose I would much rather have a factory Boss Nine.

mikeyhunts 11-02-2018 03:34 PM

Sweet ride, but spendy!!!

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Mr.E 11-02-2018 03:40 PM

8.9 liters?!?
I'll check my change jar...

cavboy78 11-02-2018 04:38 PM

If i had that kind of money, the only ford i would want more is an 05 GT... sadly, my bank account already made the decision for me!

shakerdan 11-02-2018 05:20 PM

Overpriced in my opinion. Would rather buy a new Shelby for a third of the price.

schweigert 11-02-2018 05:36 PM

yeah - what makes it a "modern" boss 429?

looks dope though

Boss5Oh 11-02-2018 07:07 PM

It is nice that the car is built off a original 1969 body, but the Marty report will tell everyone it is a recreation. I think it is great they start with a OEM shell and then build it out vs. starting with a Dynacorn shell. Not that I have problems with a recreation or tribute car, but it will never appreciate in value like an all original car. I had the pleasure of seeing a "real" original Boss 429 at the Run to the Sun car show held in Lake Havasu AZ two weeks ago, a treat to be sure. The car was the original black jade color and the condition of the car looked as good or better than new. I would estimate the value at $250K to $400K depending on the auction and buyers in the room. I would buy the CR Boss 9 in an instant if I had $200K plus just lying around looking for a toy to spend it on.

My restomod will be a 1970 Boss 302 tribute and is starting with a real Ford Mustang. However my 302 is a Coyote which has that wide look like the Boss 9.

1ofAMillion+ 11-02-2018 08:02 PM

Kinda BS calling it a continuation as well.
makes that $75-100K you could spend on your own seem like a bargain.

LSG 11-03-2018 09:53 PM

overpriced garbage
Guys, have any of you carefully scrolled through all of their pictures ? and read the specs ? Almost all of us could spend 15 or 20 percent of that money and have a better result. You'll notice that they never mentioned whose MII /Pinto suspension they're using. Look how low some of the exhaust pipes hang.....the 17 yr old kid at the muffler shop could do better for a coupla hundred bucks....What if I want a real Boss 302 instead of a coyote ? What if I want SoT or Opentrack or Cobra suspension instead of the stuff they offer ? LSG

Israel 11-03-2018 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by Klutch (Post 10054052)
Obviously a pretty badass car. But it loses a lot in the translation, in my opinion. I suppose I would much rather have a factory Boss Nine.

You beat me to it. Id much rather have a stroked 557 with Boss Nine heads.

70Machboy 11-04-2018 01:52 AM

In short, this is not a “Mustang”. It is a re-fabbed Wanta-Be-Boss with generic prefabbed parts and lots of techy highlights and lots of HP ….. but it’s not even an authentic RestoMod Mustang. Everything is aimed at “the look” for this generation’s Superficial Appetite. They are looking for a total image oriented, Mustang–ignorant, egocentric playboy with a lot of money….. and in this age, they will find him for sure.
As already stated, $200k would buy a lot more real Mustang than this easily. And as the real deal will appreciate in value each year, this fake Wanta-Be-Boss will start to depreciate the second the ink on the check dries.

patrickstapler 11-04-2018 07:31 AM

It’s stupid. Why say Boss 429 on the fender and they say Boss 546 on the engine?

70Machboy 11-05-2018 02:09 AM

..... stupid is as stupid does.

- Go Gump!:pirate:

dobrostang 11-05-2018 06:39 AM

I wish Dynacorn would make bodies for these guys so they don't scoop up all the 69s sport roofs left out there. They are hard enough to come by as it is.

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