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Thinking About Selling the Car

Well, I'm falling into the same trap I always do, but this time it's a little different. The car's great. It's fine. It works as perfectly as I could ever ask a 53yo car to. But I don't drive it enough. Part of the issue is that it's ridiculously hot here right now, which makes the car no fun to drive. It gets warm, but at least it seems that I've conquered the overheating issue. But it's just hot. Let's face it, I'm getting old, and vinyl seats and no AC isn't nearly as much fun as it sounded when I bought it. The problem I'm having is this; when I drive the car, I'm reminded of why I bought it. I REALLY love driving it "when the conditions are right". I don't like driving in the rain, or heat, or snow. I've found one of the most rust-free original Mustangs left, and I feel guilty doing anything that may cause rust. I know that's dumb, but it keeps me from enjoying the car. FWIW, this is my 43rd car, and my 20-something'th daily driver. (I've 42). I love cars, and always will, but I tend to get bored easily. So now I'm left with a decision. Do I hold onto it and put it away for a little bit to see if I fall in love with it again, or do I move it down the road? I kinda have the itch for a small boat right now. And I'd get a cheap pickup to tow it. My "daily" doesn't need to be super nice (or even reliable), because I have a company van, but it would be nice to have something a little more comfy (AC, cloth seats, etc), and that I don't care about parking it at the mall.

So, I'm not sure if I'm even asking for advice here. Eh, maybe I am. If nothing else, I hope I amused you with my nearly pointless ramblings.
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I have 5 cars:

17 Mustang (wifes car)
67 Mustang project
65 Mustang DD when the weather is nice, too nice a car to drive on dirt or in the rain. I dont let it out of my sight, no WM or crowded parking lots.
16 Fusion, my DD/work car
05 Civic, 300k and runs like a top. Driver seat only, its my engine hauler/cargo van. The other seats are in the attic. I bought it with 197k for $2500. My SIL uses it to run a courier route for Georgia Power 3x a week. He hauls big totes in it, its amazing how much he can cram into it.

Everything except the 67 has AC. Full coverage on everything, rented storage for one of the Mustangs, PITA always moving cars around.

Wouldnt have it any other way.

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1967 Mustang Coupe 200/C4
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Iíve been in your shoes as far as heat, and it took owning a convertible for a couple of summers to unlock the secret: just make it a point to cruise at night. While the sun is setting, itís downright pleasant in an old car with the windows down in the summer.

I canít help you with the snow part. I couldnít drive mine in the snow, but I barely know what snow is.
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1st add AC! Is not that hard and makes a world of difference! Here in Florida we run the AC even 8n the convertibles with the top down. The point is to enjoy the cars, not suffer through driving them.

2nd get some nice cloth covers for the seats. Theyíll protect your vinyl from the sun and keep you from sweating.

3rd. Canít help with the snow, but donít be afraid of a little rain. Most rust comes from sitting wet for long periods of time or salt on the roads. If you store the car in a garage add a dehumidifier if you really want to be sure is dry out.

Then just drive it!

If these just arenít in the option bucket, maybe it is time to move on. You can always buy another Mustang at a later date if yo7 get the itch again
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I think about it, too. We don’t have your heat but it’s sometimes a few weeks between drives. Just going for a drive suddenly changes my mind....
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Why not add a/c?

Originally Posted by jgrote View Post
and vinyl seats and no AC isn't nearly as much fun as it sounded when I bought it.
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You're going through what I've gone through with every recreational / project vehicle I ever had. Especially the motorcycles (riding a motorcycle in 100 degree heat is also not very fun). I don't think there's a right or wrong decision. But you'll probably end up with another project down the road. Think about that, think about whether starting over with a different car will be as rewarding as continuing to refine the Mustang (you could add air conditioning). Again, no right or wrong answer, just something to consider. The thing keeping me from popping my Mustang on craigslist is I still have a boatload of aftermarket parts to bolt on. Once that's done I'll probably definitely at least test the waters. Or maybe I'll love it. I've loved a few of my projects, but maybe only in hindsight. I dunno. Hard to say. If I loved them why don't I still have them? If I sell the Mustang will I look back in five or ten years and wish I didn't?

1965 Mustang
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Originally Posted by jgrote View Post
I kinda have the itch for a small boat right now.
I feel the same way about boats as you do cars. Built 5 boats so far, and plan on starting another one next year. Started tinkering with a 14ft jon boat when I was 13. Ended up keeping it 15 years and it now sits on my buddies farm pond where his kids catch bass in it. Small ones are a lot of fun, and I really get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Built 4 aluminum and one fiberglass gheenoe. Always follow the KISS method, with the exception of the gheenoe. That one was way too nice and I was too scared to do anything with it so I sold it. If your worried about damaging your car, a boat is worse, so that maybe something to think about. Between trailering it and any underwater objects, it will inevitably get damaged.

A drift boat would be pretty fun on those CO rivers for trout
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I wouldnít sell the car even if youíre not driving it often.
Iím not driving mines everyday, sometimes not even in a week or two! But I would not sell my cars unless I would need it for living, and hope this doesnít happen never.
Iím in the process of adding A/C to my Convertible, and not specially for the heat we have here, but as others say, plan to drive it in the afternoons, when the sun is close to the sunset, you will enjoy a nice ride! I donít drive mines during the day, too hot! abut enjoy driving them in the afternoons or even nights.
The decision is up to you, but having such a nice car you de describe, I would keep it for sure!


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Originally Posted by ginpunk View Post
Why not add a/c?


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I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had my Mustang for close to a year now and I don’t drive it as much as I had thought I would. For me the big issue is traffic. I have a Vintage Air system but don’t have an idle compensator to bump the idle when the compressor turns on. So today I just adjusted the idle up a bit and rode with the A/C for the first time. It’s 102 here today and my short drive was pretty comfortable. I plan to install an EFI system for next year so no sense in adding the compensator now.

My buddy bought a 2011 Rousch 5XR recently. It’s been modified to put down about 600 hp. I’ve been driving that a bit and it makes me think about the modern muscle cars and how they really do answer all the issues I have. Then I drive my 66 and fall in love again. I often think about the newer GT350s but I’m still enjoying my 66 even if it’s less frequent than I had hoped. I just returned home from a two week trip and couldn’t wait to hop in my Mustang if even just for a short drive. I think I would install a Coyote in mine before selling for something newer. Good luck!

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Your answer resides just above the shift knob.

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I lived in boulder for 5 years. Drove my fastback year around, since they don't use salt and the roads are 90% clean due to the heat from the energy from the sun being a mile closer. I loved driving in the winter, its beautiful! ONce in a while I got caught in a snow storm or came out from a day at work to snow on the roads. That was fun with 400hp and limited slip. Taught me throttle control ;o). In the Front Range area, if its too hot, wait 10 min and the weather will change.

Where on earth would you use a boat in Denver, that was one thing I hated about the area, no big lakes unless you want to climb into the rockies and that wasn't even a big lake. Maybe I missed something...

Due to my garage situation, my car sits a lot but when I take it to an autocross or nice cruise, its all I need to make me smile. If your car doesn't make you smile any more, then get rid of it, otherwise, put AC in and if it still doesn't float your boat sell it and go buy one.

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Add A/C x13
Go to EFI
It was 113 with the heat index yesterday and I drove my 68 GT350 and my 70 air in either one, but I love to drive them...
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I donít think I drive mine more than 800 miles a year but have fun when I do. I actually enjoy tinkering with it as much as driving it!
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