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Originally Posted by Sydewaysix View Post
Thanks for all the tips everyone. I’m not too worried about the correctness of the tag but I’d like to know what the original color is as I’d like to one say restore it back to its original color. Though my dream would be to go completely off track with a bright white pint job and red interior!
Your car is a 1966. You could paint it however you want and have marti make you the correct tag. I am very skeptical of that being a factory mistake. Looks like someone used a screwdriver to do it and I would assume if there was a correction, it would have been done from reverse side.

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Full gallop this way --->
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Silver/Gray vehicles. An automotive colors study description reads: "Unobtrusive and seeks to blend in". The least amount of awareness factor for other drivers to register visually and be cognizant of. Fairly unpopular compared to nearly all other colors unless it's a traditional Porsche, of coursha. About 1/3 of all Porsche production is "Arctic Silver", did you know that? There's another Porsche silver though, "Polar Silver", which is a special order color that costs like $3K extra to get. It's so fine a metallic, and so deep looking you'd think you could dip your hand right into it.
Silver Smoke Gray was rare as 22GT stated, but for good reason.
Gray cars (and green) made a huge leap in popularity in the mid nineties and that continues today. Green has the "Green" connotation of earth friendly. Gray I believe became popular during that economic boom when people were buying new cars but didn't want other folk to think they were being flashy. I used to order all the BMW, Porsche, and Acura cars for a big dealership. I could order whatever I wanted and the trick was to order the colors that were in demand and sold quickly. I remember one particular BMW color, Aspen Silver, that was really a gray metallic with a pinkish tint to it. I tried a few of those in the 5 series and found out some women thought it was pretty, but men hated it.
Those cars were hard sells that sat on the lot longer than any others.

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I would not give credence to that "X"...


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Man I picture a Silver Smoke Grey as a silver metallic color and it would look AMAZING with a red (or black or custom grey) interior and some red GT stripes, Styled Steel Wheels with red center caps, maybe even redline tires... MMMMMmmmmm.....
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Looks like the 'X' was done with a flat blade screwdriver and a hammer. At the very least, they would have used a real set of letter punches. SSG is a pretty color. You don't see it even at the big shows most times on a stock car. Eleanor or Eleanor-ish rides are another story. Funny that in 22GT's pic *THE* most common color is right next to his example car.

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Originally Posted by watto1 View Post
Or repaint..

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Color change = repaint

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Well, i mean just a repaint as respray in the same color. If it were just a repaint then generally the door frame and post doesn't need to be re-done since they are out of the UVs and hardly prone to damage.
I have seen it myself in a '79 Ford silver and heard that silvers back in the day were not as popular because they just didn't hold out very long so if you needed a repaint after 3-4 years you were less likely to choose silver again. The UV protections in the clear coat has done wonders for the color palatte and longevity.

Originally Posted by 4ocious View Post
Silver/Gray vehicles. An automotive colors study description reads: "Unobtrusive and seeks to blend in". The least amount of awareness factor for other drivers to register visually and be cognizant of...
I read something similar way back but they said that a green car was the hardest for other drivers to pick out as it approached them, something about the eyes mixing it with trees and grass backgrounds and the brain not catching that its in motion
A lot of the history comes from Silver being the FIA assigned color for German racer cars, mainly Mercedes back then. Also said to be that Mercedes wanted to save weight from paint and wanted to race a raw finish. There used to be a common saying "Silver cars go faster," maybe common to Germans anyway.
The special P-car silver is called GT Silver. Seeing it next to the other silvers makes one understand why, it is brilliant and shames the others.
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A lot of data flying around to say that X color is hardest to see, or Z color is easiest.. but it really comes down to "perspective.."
A white car is not that visible with a snowy background, the same as a green car may blend into trees, but stand out against the snow..

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Somewhat switching topics, but after searching what smoke silver gray fastback look like I think I’m going back to the original color and keeping the black interior. With a nice paint job and the right wheel/tire combo I think this color looks phenomenal!

Now to decide on whether I want to keep the chrome rock trim or delete them and add GT stripes...

(Pics found on to their owners)
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Errors on the data tags have been known to occur. I did a complete resto on a '67 coupe about 8 years ago that appeared to have most of a deluxe interior from the factory. The current owner bought the car off of a Ford lot in 1969 with 100% original sheet metal and paint and never changed anything on the interior. The Marti Report confirmed factory deluxe interior.

The door tag however was mis-stamped to show a standard interior but was otherwise correct. Apparently the assembly line worker on the passenger side saw the "deluxe code" on the build sheet and installed a Passenger side door pre-cut for deluxe trim while the assembly line worker on the driver's side did not. There is no question that the driver's door is the original factory installed door. My guess is the assembly line workers were confused and stopped short of installing a complete deluxe interior. Both doors were prepped for the electrical harness from the door jamb to inside the doors for the deluxe courtesy lights and in fact had the factory door harnesses run from the door jamb to inside the doors but connected to nothing in the doors. The driver's door did not have the rectangular cut out in the door skin for the deluxe courtesy light, someone scratched a precise rectangle with an awl and marked it "cut out" but that was not done. Rather, the deluxe grill on the driver's side was attached to the door with trim screws into hand drilled holes while the white plastic threaded inserts were left on the driver's side floor, unused, under the carpet for 45 years. The stainless trim around the accelerator and brake pedal pads was also missing from the original pads. Otherwise the deluxe interior pieces were all present. My guess is that the error was caught during final QA inspection and a "good enough" fix was implemented.


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I believe my 67 has the original data plate. Maybe I should say the data plate looks original to the door.

Exterior color is stamped from the back M8.

M = Wimbledon White

8 = Springtime Yellow

The PO says the car is Wimbledon White, I say it looks to dark to be Wimbledon White and not yellow enough to be Springtime Yellow. So IDK, its a mystery.

Im in Georgia, my car has a Atlanta DSO, Im sure it has changed hands many times and had extensive work done on it over the years.

Everything else on the data plate matches up.

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Originally Posted by Sydewaysix View Post
Somewhat switching topics, but after searching what smoke silver gray fastback look like I think I’m going back to the original color and keeping the black interior. With a nice paint job and the right wheel/tire combo I think this color looks phenomenal!
Red interior looks dynamite with SSG as well, so either way you go, you'll have a winner..
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My ‘65 FB is SSG with white interior. least it will be that again some day. BTW, don’t freak out when you learn that SSG has a lot of green in it.

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Sydewaysix... Dude, Something is definitely wrong with the installation of the GT Fog Lights in your first pic. It looks like they have the Left side swapped with the Right side or something... Better check into that....Something is definitely WAY OFF there if you know who's car that is or if its just a stock pic from the internet...


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Paint on the bolts - paint on the warranty plate? I'll bet you a Timbit there's silver paint under that warranty plate as the PO's body guy was too lazy to do things right (poor mask job to boot!). Kevin Marti has new warranty plate 'rivets'. Pop that sucker off to reveal the truth - it's wrong anyway!
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