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So guys just something that has been on my mind and with me buying and selling restores mustangs it seems the price is coming down or staying the same. So what do you guys think. Will millennials ruin classic car values? Even at the car shows no one is never standing around the classics anymore. It's like they just don't care
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Originally Posted by Jgroce1985 View Post
Will millenials ruin classic car values?
I donít know that thatís necessarily the cause (probably one of many), but Iíd be ok with it. I want another one and canít afford it.

Originally Posted by Jgroce1985 View Post
Even at the car shows no one is never standing around the classics anymore. It's like they just don't care
Either youíre going to the wrong shows, or you live in some awful, God-forsaken corner of the world. Few car shows around here have newer cars and at the ones that do, classics still get plenty of attention.
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Originally Posted by Jgroce1985 View Post
Will millenials ruin classic car values?
I doubt it. The pendulum always swings. There's already another group coming up behind the mils. I've noticed a lot of interest from the younger kids.

Personally, when I'm showing my car, I ALWAYS offer to let kids younger than ~10 years old to sit in my car. They love it and the parents love it. As long as I'm showing, there's going to be another crop of fans of classic American autos.
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Remember when you would drive and get thumbs up. Or at a light how everyone would look at your vehicle.
Well, it’s not millennials, it’s social media. Stop at a light, look at texts. It’s all ages, sexes, races, and ethnics.
True, millennials are not interested in material things. Thus not much has a future of value. Shopping on line will eliminate stores, as we know them. Basically, everything will change.
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Mustang prices are way too high right now. It would awesome to see them come down and people actually driving them on the streets again.
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Model A's and Model T's were big bucks some years ago. Look at them now. We'll see what happens to pony cars.
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I don't think it's any different than what the post-baby-boomers did to the late brass and cars of the 20's and 30's.... values for Model T's and Model A's tanked the same way as the postwar cars did 15-20 years later and someday, soon, it will be the muscle cars that tank... the interest will wane, aftermarket manufacturers will disappear and time will progress. Just a fact of life. Fifty years from now there'll be the same interest in collecting vehicles as there is currently in collecting stagecoaches...
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I'm 34 but I have been blessed with good business choices so I have been able to own multiple classic and a few supercars. I must say it is nice being able to drive in rain, snow, hot, cold, but once the newness wears off there's nothing like a classic..Just the rawness and feeling of the road. I live in Greensboro NC and I will say this when going to the big cars and coffee or other shows it's always the millennials around the imports or what we consider foreign cars. The porsches, lambos, ferraris etc...yes we always have muscle cars but people just pass by them without much attention from what I'm seeing...
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There is a local monthly car show I like to go to. Not to show mine, just to hang out, look, and chat.
It attracts all types. New, old, custom, and weird.
The “rat rods” seem to attract the most attention because they are very different from the pretty $$$ show cars.
The kids (millennials) gather on the corner to watch the cars do burnouts when leaving the show.
(under the watchful eye of the local law enforcement of course)
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Totally not whats happening here in the PNW and canadian west coast.

Most of the guys at the cruise in are younger. The older crowd is around from 430pm til about 7 and then it's all us 'kids' in our 30's and 40s. Lots of cool stuff too. One friend with a FB, one with a 408 in his falcon, another bunch with fox bodies, a couple with low riders and a handful or rat rods. All good fun.

Are we rolling around in 440 GTX's and cobra jet or shelby mustangs? Nope. but we are out there in the less expensive stuff..
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I just hate it ..my favorite thing to do growing up was walking through the junk yards with my dad to buy parts for our 69 chevelle...At 16 I would cruise through the local parking lots, the chevelle was a 454 big block 4 speed and gas was only 99 cent..Everybody loved it, but now if the car doesn't have a prancing horse no one shows interest
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IMO, (and speaking from experience) the car shows and cruise nights are NOT where you'll find anyone interested in your particular car... cuz everybody there has one too that they're hoping everybody else there is interested in.
If you want to find out how popular your car is, park it at a restaurant with outdoor seating... or along the side of the road at the beach. You'll find there's much more interest in your car by people of all ages. My grandchildren (2, 3, 5, 11, 11) LOVE my car because they watched me build it and frequently ask to ride in it.
I've driven through Boston and at red lights have had people get off the sidewalk and stand in the middle of the street to take photos giving the thumbs up.
And, if you're worried about battery powered cars taking over for petroleum, ask an over-the-road truck driver in the Rockies how far the tractor would get with a full load behind it... yeah, not far...
(Drill, baby, drill... and drill sideways! and I'll see you at the gas pump.)
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I don't do shows but my Mustang is a hit at autocross events. Every ricer I give a ride along is impressed with the all the noise and torque!

As far as values, I don't care as I've got way to much in my car and don't have an awesome long term forecast. Boy is she going to be pissed!
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I think we have a few more years before values drop due to lack of interest. There are enough folks in their late 40s and 50s that still love these cars. I also get quite a few millennials who express interest. My local car shows are increasingly modern muscle and fewer classics. My friends and I have talked about this a lot. At the C&C last week a Tesla club got there early and essentially took over a big chunk of prime real estate. Next to them was a Mini Cooper, a stock 2018 Jeep Wrangler and a work van. I really like how passionate these folks are about cars and think we should be welcoming to everyone. But when car shows just look like Interstate 95 during rush hour on Tuesday, whatís the point? What was sad was that there was a gorgeous late 60s E type Jag that had to park across the street and no one really had the opportunity to appreciate it.

So yes, times are changing. Not necessarily for the worse (I mean the new GT350 is amazing) but younger generations will gravitate to the cars of their youth. If youíre in it to make money, start buying 90s RX7s and 300Zs.

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If anything they will cause prices of good ones to rise because they won't know how to fix them up themselves
Mustangs, even ones comparatively rare, will always lag in percentage rise just for sheer numbers available. Im still amazed though when I see some decent C3 Corvettes selling for less than common mustangs.

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