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Confused Strange turn of events

I was all set to go pick up the 65 today. Last night, however, after asking what I can only assume was one question too many, (can there BE too many questions when you're looking to buy these cars) the seller basically encouraged me to NOT go through with buying it from him. I don't understand what happened. I wasn't intending to back out of the agreement. I would expect someone to ask me a lot of questions, and I would want to impart all the knowledge I have of the car to the next buyer. I thought the seller felt the same way - at least it seemed that way until last night. He had given me absolutely no reason to think he hadn't been straightforward with me about everything - again, until last night. No idea what really happened to blow the deal out of the water at the last minute (he never did answer the question), but I took it as a good omen and walked away.
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Takes strength to walk away, but I think you made the right call. So many “stories” about these cars that people make up, exaggerate, hear from somebody else. You really have to do your homework. The way your deal went makes me think the guy knew there was an issue that he wanted to play dumb on, and your questions made him realize you were informed enough to find him out. What were you asking about that was taboo? I wouldn’t think any topic would be off limits. Either way, congrats on your willpower!
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I'm embarrassed to say that when we checked the car out, we weren't thorough in our inspection of the cowl area. So, I asked a question related to that. Everything else on the car looked great...amazing, even. Floor pans, frame...EVERYTHING looked solid and the paint was beautiful. The 1994 restoration looked like it was very well done. I had no intention of backing out on the deal.... but when he didn't just answer the question, that made me think that maybe backing out was the smart thing to do.
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The seller likely thinks you either do not trust him or will never be satisfied with the car, and thus does not want to sell it to you for fears that you will have regrets or even try to come back to him for some kind of retribution for a problem or something that you may find later. In other words, he got tired of dealing with you.

Not saying what he did was right, but obviously he felt uncomfortable about the situation. I had a seller back out too when I asked for clarification on some poorly-answered questions. You just have to chalk it up as a loss and move on.
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Right or wrong, when you "shake hands on a deal" both parties have committed to a contract to purchase, or sell.

Often times, the "deal" is consummated with a cash deposit and/or a purchase and sale agreement.

Imagine if you went to a car dealer, selected a vehicle they have offered for sale and you agree to purchase, providing your signature on a purchase and sale agreement form and a deposit. What would YOU do if the dealer suddenly said "I'm not going to sell you that car!". Even if they tore up THEIR copy of the agreement and refunded your deposit, aren't they reneging? It takes two (or more) parties to agree to participate and, in my opinion, all the parties involved must mutually agree to cancel the transaction. If one does not, the transaction should take place.

I guess I'm old fashioned in that I take my commitments seriously. This is a sore subject for me as I currently have a little John Deere riding mower listed on eBay with a "Buy It Now or Best Offer" indicated. I've "sold" it 3 times over the last 2 months and each time the "buyer" has pulled the plug by not paying. In one of the cases I never knew why. In the other two the buyer bought it then decided it would be too much of a drive to pick up or cost to have delivered. SMH.
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I agree with you, Woodchuck. I had no intention of backing out... I gave my word. I was raised better than that! To me, when you're looking to buy one of these cars, you ask LOTS of questions...not only to find out if there's a reason why you SHOULDN'T buy it, but - and ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU HAVE ALREADY AGREED TO BUY IT - you ask questions so you know what you're dealing with after you've bought it. Yes, I could have just waited to check it out after I got it home, but I decided to just go ahead and ask. All he needed to do was answer the question. In my mind, the deal was already made... no backing out. I'm still befuddled by the whole thing, honestly.
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I really admire you had the maturity to walk away and not get wrapped up (at least completely) like a kid that buys the first thing they see. It's possible they may even come back to you. Sleep on it awhile and if the car haunts you, and if in some weeks you haven't found anything better, maybe drop him a note to let him know you hope you didn't offend and ask if the car is still available. There could be something even more special right around the corner.

I still CANNOT BELIEVE how the Emberglo 66 and Nightmist 66 I found for my sons basically fell in my lap and someone else didn't snatch them up. It all just fell together.
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After agreeing to buy it you came back and brought up a new concern. He thought the two of you already had a set deal. Maybe the cowl is fine and maybe it isn't, or maybe he thought you were looking for reason to renegotiate, but whatever it was you gave the seller an out and he took it. He has decided he can sell it to someone else for possibly more money, certainly less hassle, and someone as good as their handshake. Chalk it up to experience and in a way you both lost, and you both won.

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The way I see it, he either wanted to sell the car, or he didn't. When it came right down to it, seems like he really didn't. And he's the one who offered me an "out". I don't understand the "hassle" comment.... Doesn't everyone who buys a car like this make sure they know what they're getting? When I bought my 67, the seller was more than happy to answer EVERY question...even the ones AFTER I bought the car. I don't see where asking questions is such a terrible thing to do... I would expect it from someone buying a car from me.

He shook on it, too....then strongly suggested I not buy it. Only then did I even CONSIDER not keeping up my end of the deal.

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Not gonna lie- as PB65stang said, I've had deals where I just got tired of dealing with the buyer. Not saying this is your case, but it does happen. I had a guy once ask me every question possible about a car I was selling- I answered honestly as always on every single one..... at least 5 times! He came and drove it.... 3 times with different people. He claimed he wanted it, said he'd take it 95% sure, but just wanted to make sure it was 'the right one'. I told several other potential buyers it was sold, which ended up being a mistake. The guy drug it out for almost 2 weeks, until finally I told him forget it, and sold it immediately to someone else with cash in hand. Since then, it's available until paid for. Again- not saying your situation is the same, but things like this do happen.

Working on old cars teaches us patience... and every curse word imaginable!
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You have inspected the car thoroughly. Everything was "i's" dotted and "T's" crossed. Just this one little thing.....You really like the car. You have been looking for a long time. Thought it is priced right, so.... Why not go back, take money with you and look at the cowl. Buy the damn thing. It would be hard for him to turn you down. IMHO.

There's not that many out there that check all the boxes. This one apparently does. Otherwise this will be "the one that got away."
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gt350sr.... Great example...but, no, this was nowhere near that. We messaged for a few days, some Q&A and setting up a time to see the car. Saw it, drove it. Made an agreement. Messaged a couple more days...just idle chit chat and finalizing how we would transfer everything and pick her up. And last night, I asked one last question. One too many, apparently.
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I just went back and checked to see exactly how many questions I asked via Messaging before agreeing to see the car in person...9.
After seeing the car, I asked 3 more.
I guess that 12th question was over the top. LOL To me, they were all "typical" questions...nothing out of the ordinary.
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Originally Posted by Rosalie View Post
I just went back and checked to see exactly how many questions I asked via Messaging before agreeing to see the car in person...9.
After seeing the car, I asked 3 more.
I guess that 12th question was over the top. LOL To me, they were all "typical" questions...nothing out of the ordinary.
This is your view, his might vary drastically. Maybe the guy has had a bad experience with a buyer or two that really should not have bought a classic, or had buyer's remorse, or were just a complete PITA after the sale. I had a couple that were such a complete disaster that I had them drop the car off and gave them their money back, minus a few bucks for my time. One guy's wife lost her mind on him when he dragged the car home, the other was a complete idiot that thought he could drive a "not driveable - needs to be trailered" car 120 miles home. In both instances I had a gut feeling to pass on their offers, but really wanted to get the cars sold.

In the end it's his property and if he suddenly decides to not sell it to you for any reason at all, that's his prerogative.
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We all have our buttons.

I post pics of anything Im selling. I do not offer more pics to a potential buyer or play phone, email or text tag. I do encourage the buyer to come and inspect the vehicle first hand.

When I see an interesting vehicle for sale and the description is "Good condition", what does that mean? Im pretty sure my definition and the sellers definition of "good condition" is not the same.

The more information and better picture you can draw for a potential buyer in the ad is time well spent on your part.

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